Motion «Commemorate the centennial of the October Revolution, affirm socialism as a demand of the present and of the future»

Motion «Commemorate the centennial of the October Revolution, affirm socialism as a demand of the present and of the future»

Motion approved unanimously by the XX Congress of the PCP

2017 marks the centennial of the Socialist October Revolution that the PCP has decided to commemorate, under the motto "Socialism, a demand of the present and of the future".

In the historical process of emancipation of the exploited, of the oppressed, of workers and peoples, from the primitive society to slavery, to feudalism and capitalism, marked by important revolutionary events, the October Revolution begun on November 7, 1917 is the major milestone, ushering in a new era in the history of mankind, that of the transition from capitalism to socialism.

Under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party, guided by a revolutionary theory, with Lenin's remarkable contribution, the first State of workers and peasants carried out - despite boycotts, sabotage, intervention by imperialist powers, civil war, economic blockade, treason - the construction of a society without explorers or exploited, the most advanced, democratic and progressive society in the history of mankind.

The October Revolution, together with the profound transformations that it initiated in the political, economic, social, cultural and national levels, ensuring rights never before achieved by the workers and peoples, had a huge impact at the world level, namely in the creation of numerous communist parties and in the international communist movement; in propagating the ideas of Marxism-Leninism; in the victory over Nazi-fascism and in the struggle for peace; in support of national liberation movements; in support of the struggle and achievement of rights by millions of workers in capitalist countries.

The worldwide impact of the October Revolution and its achievements and the heightening of the political awareness and experience of the Portuguese working class, led to the foundation of Portuguese Communist Party on March 6, 1921. The Soviet Union always stood with the communists, the workers and the Portuguese people in their struggle against fascism, with the April Revolution and its profound democratic transformations and affirmation of sovereignty.

The PCP points to the Portuguese people the goal of building a socialist society. Today's combats for the defence, restoration and conquest of rights, for a rupture with right-wing policies and the materialisation of a patriotic and left-wing policy are part of the struggle for an advanced democracy, an integral part of the struggle for socialism in Portugal.

The values of the October Revolution have created deep roots, are a demand of the present and of the future of Portugal and of mankind.

At a time when capitalism with its exploitative, oppressive, aggressive and predatory nature threatens mankind and is responsible for the increasing problems and dangers it faces.

Bearing in mind the experience, teachings, extraordinary advances and achievements of the October Revolution, of the construction of socialism in the USSR and in other countries, that its mistakes and defeats do not erase, and reaffirming the Central Committee Resolution of September 18, 2016, the XX Congress of the PCP:

- Extols the October Revolution as the greatest event in the process of emancipation of workers and peoples;

- Stresses that socialism, through different paths and stages, affirms itself with increasing acuity as a goal of the struggle of workers and peoples and a condition for full human liberation and achievement;

- Calls for the involvement of the Party organisations in the celebrations of the Centennial of the October Revolution throughout 2017;

- Calls upon all those who stand for peace, justice and social progress to join in these commemorations, and struggle for a society of freedom and plenty in which the State and politics are fully at the service of the well-being and happiness of the human being;

Reaffirms its unwavering determination to fight for the construction of a socialist society in Portugal.

One hundred years after the great October Revolution, given the nature of capitalism, socialism asserts itself as a demand of the present and of the future.

  • XX Congresso do PCP
XX Congresso do PCP