National Issues

Communiqué of the PCP Central Committee - April 2, 2023

The Central Committee of the PCP, meeting on April 2, assessed the national and international situation, the struggle of the workers, the communities and the peoples, examined the work ahead and assessed the activity which was decided at the PCP National Conference “Take the initiative, strengthen the party, respond to new demands”, indicating lines for immediate work.

A great day of workers’ struggle

It is a great day of struggle, with a mobilisation that everybody can witness. But perhaps the most decisive question is how all these people are here, with many problems, with many difficulties, but with a determination to want to solve problems, with all this strength. And therefore, I can say that it is a great joy, it is a great day of workers’ struggle. The reasons are many and they are fair, like the rising cost of living, low wages, pressure and difficulties regarding housing. This has to be solved. It can't go on like this.

PCP demands that the US remove Cuba from the illegitimate «list of countries sponsoring terrorism»

The PCP repudiates the US Administration’s provocative decision to keep Cuba on the arbitrary “list of countries sponsoring terrorism”, going against Biden’s promises to reverse this unacceptable measure that was enacted by the Trump Administration days before the end of its term.

«Only a great conviction about the justice of these demands is what makes all these people gather in this way»

I am here to express solidarity with the struggle of the teachers, just as I have been in other actions, just as several leaders of my Party have been in all districts of our country, and because the struggle of the teachers is just, their claims, indeed, as can be seen in this formidable mobilisation that is taking place. What matters are the just claims of the teachers, the valorisation of their career, the respect they deserve. This is what is at stake today. In fact, it is at stake very strongly, as witnessed here in the streets.

«A momentous day of struggle by those who work in Portugal»

We are witnessing a great day of workers' struggle, a day of outrage, protest and struggle. A very significant set of actions, strikes, stoppages, with expression on the streets, as you can see here, with all this determination, in a struggle that is amply justified. A struggle for wages, a struggle against the rising cost of living. A struggle for price regulation, against precariousness. In the end, a struggle for the rights of those who produce our country's wealth. The people who are here deserve a better life, a decent life which is something they don't have.

PCP starts campaign «More strength to the workers»

With more than fifty initiatives, the PCP starts tomorrow, February 2, the action “More strength to the workers”, which will be carried out with the workers in companies and workplaces all over the country, until the end of May. An initiative, involving contact actions, propaganda, distribution of documents, meetings, testimonials, which aims to denounce the problems faced by the workers and which seeks to affirm the importance of work and workers, promoting the valorisation of their wages, working times, employment relationships, rights and working conditions.

The European Parliament instigates confrontation and war - the peoples want peace and cooperation

The European Parliament's resolution regarding the creation of a so-called «special tribunal for the crime of aggression against Ukraine», which is conceived to meet the interests of the USA, NATO and the European Union, is one more maneouvre that seeks to carry even further the policy of confrontation and war.

«Amílcar Cabral was assassinated but his generous ideals did not die»

Tomorrow will mark 50 years since, on January 20, 1973, Amílcar Cabral, founder and Secretary General of the African Party for the Independence of Guinea and Cape Verde (PAIGC), was assassinated in Conakry – capital of the Republic of Guinea and rear-guard for the popular struggle of the peoples of Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde for their independence. Murdered by agents in the pay of the Portuguese fascist and colonialist regime.

50th Anniversary of April 25 «April is more future»

The April Revolution is a major milestone in the history of Portugal, a realization of the people's will, an affirmation of freedom, social emancipation, sovereignty and national independence.

Communiqué of the Central Committee of the PCP of December 8, 2022

The Central Committee of the PCP, meeting on December 8, 2022, evaluated the developments of the national and international situation; adopted the Resolution on the Commemorations of the 50th. Anniversary of the 25th. of April; defined priorities for the intervention and strengthening of the Party, in order to implement the conclusions of the National Conference.