National Issues

Conference "Social rights and work with rights"

I welcome the participants in this Conference on «Social Rights and Work with Rights», as well as all those who, denouncing the problems facing the workers and the people and pointing out solutions to ensure their rights and aspirations, are carrying out throughout this week, the Journeys "In defence of employment and workers' rights, against exploitation - No to the impositions of the European Union", with dozens of initiatives - conferences, hearings, meetings and visits - in the districts of Braga, Bragança, Lisbon, Porto, Viana do Castelo and Vila Real.

Campaign «Employment and workers' rights, against exploitation»

A call to the workers The epidemic and its effects have been used by big capital to worsen exploitation and use public resources to guarantee profits and distribute dividends, promote dismissals, unemployment, poverty and inequality, jeopardise rights and working conditions and limit political and trade union rights. It does not have to be like this! It cannot be like this! The PS government policy and its options, convergences and concessions to big capital, to PSD, CDS and their surrogates Chega and Iniciativa Liberal will not do.

Valorisation of wages and creation of jobs must be a priority of the country's economic policy

We are holding our initiative as part of the PCP’s campaign on “Employment and workers' rights, against exploitation” under the theme “Valorise wages, defend employment”, two days after the 47th.

Reduce working hours - combat deregulation and value life

I welcome the participants who, with their interventions, brought useful and up-to-date information and reflection, contributing to enrich this timely initiative. I welcome the members of trade unions and other bodies representing workers. I welcome the representatives of the Workers’ Party of Belgium and Die Linke, from Germany, thanking them for sharing their experiences and valuing the work they carry out with PCP’s MPs in the Confederal Group of the European United Left/Nordic Green Left of the European Parliament.

25th. of April – All over the country, popular celebrations return to the streets

The PCP reaffirms its call for all those who identify with the achievements, rights and values enshrined with the 25th. of April to join and participate in the popular celebrations that, all over the country, are under preparation. Adopting all measures of protection in terms of public health and prevention in view of the epidemic, these celebrations are also proof that life can and must continue to enliven the sense of collective experience and participation as indispensable for the affirmation of the rights and values of April.

«The CDU distinguishes itself for not letting life and rights be locked down»

Comrades and friends A first word to greet the Ecologist Party “The Greens” and the Associação Intervenção Democrática, which, with the Portuguese Communist Party, provide legal support to CDU - Unitary Democratic Coalition.

The PCP will not give up fighting for the materialisation of a democracy that is simultaneously political, economic, social and cultural

Here we are celebrating the April Revolution in this land that the song, that has become the symbol of April and of a people who love freedom and democracy, chose as the land of fraternity.

150 years of the Paris Commune - fighting for the emancipation of workers

Party of the working class and all Portuguese workers, fully at the service of the Portuguese people and Portugal, Party of freedom, of democracy, of socialism, patriotic and internationalist Party, Party for the cause of social emancipation of workers and peoples from all over the world, Party of the communist ideal and project, the PCP could not fail to commemorate this memorable event of the struggle of the workers' movement that was the Paris Commune.

Guarantee rapid vaccination for all

I would like to begin by thanking you for having accepted our invitation for this hearing, whose theme " Guarantee rapid vaccination for all" is very topical and has merited attention and a permanent intervention by the PCP. The epidemic outbreak that the country faces poses a very significant set of health, economic and social problems of unquestionable seriousness that must be faced with responsibility and determination.