National Issues

On the Pandora Papers journalistic investigation and the fight against tax evasion and fraud

The elements now disclosed on the Pandora Papers journalistic investigation, with references to the involvement of former Portuguese leaders in actions of concealment of wealth and tax evasion, call for clarification and finding of responsibilities whatever the consequences.

Communiqué of the Central Committee of the PCP of September 28, 2021

The Central Committee of the PCP, meeting on September 28, 2021, analysed the results of the September 26 local elections, addressed various aspects of the national and international situation and the necessary response to the country's problems. It set down lines of work, intervention and reinforcement of the Party in the coming months. I - Results of the local elections

About the results of the elections for local authorities 2021

The CDU notes the results achieved in a particularly demanding context. A result that had to face, in its construction, a set of adverse factors, but which the mobilization and commitment of thousands of activists and candidates built up, affirming our work, honesty and competence as recognized reasons for support and trust. A result which, despite its national expression, falls short of the goals that were defined. The CDU, regardless of the losses registered, confirms itself as a great force in local government.

«The country needs to move forward and follow a new course!»

Warmest greetings to all of you, to all the builders, participants and visitors to the Avante! Festival. The Festival of an irreplaceable newspaper, the central organ of this Portuguese Communist Party. This Party, founded on March 6, 1921, which in this year 2021 has completed 100 years of life and struggle!

76 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki - «The importance of the struggle for peace and disarmament»

There are milestones that, due to their importance in the march of Humanity, cannot remain forgotten, but rather must be signalled with respect for historical truth, calling to the present the teachings they hold. Such is the case of August 6 and 9, 1945, the two days when the United States Air Force dropped two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, committing one of the most heinous crimes in history and making the USA the only country that, to this day, has used a nuclear weapon.

«vital to make a strong bet on primary health care, the gateway to the NHS»

Our public hearing is part of a more global initiative, carried out by the PCP during the last two weeks of clarification and mobilisation of workers and populations, for the defence and reinforcement of the National Health Service. Here, in the municipality of Sintra, the populations are well aware of what it means not to increase the real potential of the NHS.

Fight against precariousness, 35 hours of weekly work, 25 days of vacation and stop dismissals!

The PCP called this debate to enshrine and restore rights that are owed to the workers. Fight precariousness, set 35 hours of weekly work as the maximum limit for all workers, in the public and private sectors, enshrine the right to 25 days of annual vacation, stop dismissals by revoking the rules that allowed its facilitation. These are the proposals that are being debated today and that constitute some of the solutions advocated by the PCP for the enshrinement of rights due to the workers.

On the Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union

The Portuguese Presidency of the Council of the European Union confirmed, in essence, the alignment of the Portuguese government with the guidelines and policies of the European Union, namely in their most negative features, which are determined by the interests of the main powers and major economic and financial groups.

Communiqué of the Central Committee of the PCP of June 28, 2021

The Central Committee of the PCP, meeting on June 28, 2021, analysed aspects of the national and international situation, the development of the mass struggle, the preparation of Local Elections and the strengthening of the Party's organisation and initiative.

«This is a time that requires us not to waive continuing the necessary fight for the valorisation of work and workers»

Comrades, We are holding our Parliamentary Conference with a programme covering the entire Lisbon Metropolitan Area, paying particular attention to its problems and of the people who live and work here, but also with an eye on the situation in the country, on the living conditions of the workers and of the people, and determined by the aim of giving them better solutions with our initiative and proposal.