National Issues

Galp's profits illustrate who is gaining from the speculative increase in fuel prices

Galp's profits in the first half of the year have created a well-deserved outrage. That's 420 million euros in a single semester, an impressive figure, an increase of 153% compared to the already formidable figures of the first half of 2021. The figure would be more impressive if the Media had chosen to highlight the quantification of these profits according to international financial reporting standards (IFRS), because the amounts increase to 713 million euros in profits, 207% more than in the same period in 2021.

For a public network of daycare centres that ensures free access to all children

Alongside the defense of free day care for all children, the PCP has defended the creation of a public day care network. An indispensable solution for ensuring the right to access daycare and that the PS and the Government have rejected, and to which the most recent announcement does not respond.

Interest rate hike announced by ECB harms the people and the country

The ECB's announcement of an increase in reference rates by 50 points represents a political choice centered on the interests of large economic groups and which rejects the fundamental choices to address the rising cost of living, the devaluation of wages and the boosting of economic activity.

«If we want to preserve the National Health Service we have to fight for it»

The National Health Service, one of the main achievements of the April Revolution, is the main instrument for achieving an essential right of any human being – the right to access adequate healthcare, the right to a healthy life.

«It is not possible to talk about children's rights without talking about wages, working time and the stability of parents' employment»

I want, first of all, to welcome all the participants in this gathering promoted by the PCP under the motto "Children and Parents with rights" taking place in a well-chosen space to which Matosinhos gave the name of Álvaro Cunhal, this remarkable personality of our contemporary history and with a fine sensibility to everything referring to and involving the world of children and their well-being,  well expressed in his words: "Love for children, the struggle to assure them all they need in the present and to secure their future, is an inalienable part of the progr

Food production, agriculture and food sovereignty – a national goal

First and foremost, I would like to welcome your important presence in this Hearing promoted by the Parliamentary Group of the PCP and thank you for your contributions, coming from the deep knowledge of those who persevere in tilling the land and feeding the cattle, come rain or shine. Contributions that will be particularly useful for our work and intervention.

PCP’s solidarity to the victims of the fires

In view of the fires that in recent days have devastated important areas from north to south of the country, and which have already destroyed thousands of hectares of forests and undergrowth, affected dozens of homes, caused considerable damage to farms, annual crops and permanent crops, affecting incomes for a long time, as well as companies and public infrastructure, and apart from a more elaborate later position, the PCP expresses most heartfelt solidarity with all the victims of these tragic events and deep appreciation for all the agents involved in the combat, from the outset to those

«The special increase of 10 euros does not restore the erosion of the purchasing power of the retired people and pensioners»

Fraternal greetings to all those present at this meeting of retired people and pensioners, to the comrades who participate in their unitary structures who are here and to all those who saw fit to contribute to the various problems everyone faces, such as the increase in the cost of living, the low pensions and their erosion,  the fight for better public services and in defence of the NHS, among others. 

The Court of Auditors’ Audit Report on the management of Novo Banco confirms options that are harming the country in billions of euros

Since the scandalous handing of Novo Banco to the Lone Star fund, in 2017, the PCP has denounced the pernicious nature of the deal and the submission of the Portuguese Government to large economic groups and to the impositions of the European Union. The PCP opposed this deal, demanded its reversal and denounced the intention of favouring private interest over public interest, also alerting to the possibility that debts contracted during the pre- collapse of BES bank were being cleaned with public funding

National Demonstration by the CGTP-IN on July 7

A solidary presence to bring a greeting to these men and women and youth who are here to uphold their interests and rights, for the valorisation of their wages, for the respect of public services, namely the NHS and the public school, in a very difficult context in which the workers are witnessing a significant increase in the cost of living. We are deeply concerned because the PS Government and the Prime Minister during the Budget presentation said that inflation would be merely conjunctural.