"Ukraine: the roots of war"

Translated "Avante!" article by Albano Nunes, Member of the Secretariat of the CC

The USA-EU-NATO and Russia confrontation escalade encloses enormous dangers for peace within Europe and throughout the world. The frenetic diplomatic moves which took Hollande and Merkel to Kiev, Moscow and Washington (Merkel alone!) and the Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia recent Minsk summit , proved the current situation is really very serious. The accorded ceasefire for south-east Ukraine, took place within a framework in which, from the USA anti-missile system installing, the multiplying of military bases in the region, to the criminal action of the Nazi brigades, armed by the USA, in addition to the NATO decisions to triplicate the effectives of its “ Fast Intervention Brigade”, and the USA Congress on the supply of “lethal” weapons to the coup government, are authentic preparations for war.

Today’s Russia is a capitalist country. Nobody ought to expect from its own government, a consequently anti-imperialist foreign policy. But it is an evidence that Putin is not Ieltsin and above all a Russian government cannot ignore a people’s strength, which, at the beginning of the October Revolution rejected and heroically defeated foreign aggression, saving Humanity from Nazi-Fascist barbaria.

To characterize Ukraine’s drama and the most dangerous tension escalade towards Russia , as a simple expression of “inter-imperialist contradictions”, is a mistake, ignoring that the roots of war are fundamentally part of the Ukrainian society, a mistake that if ever took place would facilitate imperialism’s objectives.

To understand the situation it is necessary to bare in mind two dynamics. One, which begins in November 2013, with Ukraine’s refusal to sign down the association agreement with the European Union. From then onwards, an unstoppable escalade of external interferences and subversion, rehabilitation and support to Fascist forces and persecution to communists, Kiev’s imposition of a titter government at the service of the imperialist great powers, the brutal repression in the country’s south-east, the coup government popular rejection, having provoked thousand of victims, a dramatic flow of displaced and refugees, terrorist crimes, such as the Trade-Union House assault, in Odessa on May 2nd. The other, an imperialism cavalcade towards the East, as a result and sequence of the USSR dismantlement and the socialism defeats, a cavalcade which the EU, NATO and the USA cooperate ( and compete) in order to liquidate, to the core, all that, for decades, socialism had built and achieved , destroying the economic potential by appropriating these countries’ markets, advance NATO’s devices unto the Russian boarders, which economic and political power, namely the nuclear power, have been targeted by the USA, to be destroyed by all means. Since the DDR’s annexation to Yugoslavia’s destruction, processes in which Germany was the main performer, all has been done to remove any kind of resistance. And Ukraine is the most recent example.

And here is the point, that the roots of a war focus submerge, more and more dangerous whilst developing within the most deep and prolonged capitalist crisis, with the great capital most reactionary and aggressive forces temptation in using fascism and war to settle its reproduction contradictions and , at the cost of colossal material and human destructions, restore the capital reproduction conditions, as what happened during the World War II, celebrating the 70th anniversary of its ending, this year.

By fighting fascism, imperialism and war. By uniting all forces towards Peace.

Original version in Avante!

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