By Pedro Guerreiro

“October 4th”

Translated "Avante!" article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the Secretariat of the CC and Responsible of the International Department

Anything goes for the PS, PSD and CDS. Since ignoring responsibilities before exploitation, impoverishment, dependence and submission policies, by conjure its dramatic consequences for the people and the country. In reality, what they pursue is, by forgetting the past and current responsibilities, deceive the Portuguese, once again, concerning their true intentions for the future. And so, they again promise the opposite of what was performed during the last 39 years. Therefore, the accessory is agitated, to hinder the essential that unites them. And gamble an illusion of a “choice” that, in reality, is conditioned to the right-wing continuity. Lies and diversion are their prerogative.

Nevertheless, besides the mystifying and euphemistic language of their speeches and electoral programmes, the PS, PSD and CDS have nothing else to offer the Portuguese people than the “inevitability” of the right-wing policy, and hence, its external dimension and sustainability. If there is room for any doubts, it ought to be enough, to verify, by omission or explicitness, their purpose of a yet greater submission of Portugal to the European Union and NATO, in other words, to the interests of the great trans-nationals, the USA and the European Union great powers.

The PS,PSD and CDS not only reaffirm the treaties, the EMU and the Euro, the Budget Treaty, the so-called economic governance, among other European Union instruments and policies of economic and political nature – which were and are embodied in the PS ECP’s, the PS, PSD and CDS pact of aggression or the Stability Plan and National Plan of Reforms for the PSD and CDS - , pointing out a greater deepening of the European capitalist integration process ( and with the USA, through the so-called “ TTIP ,Transatlantic Treaty”, together with the unacceptable aggravation of conditionals and constraints to national sovereignty and independence, its dependence and submission.

The PS, PSD and CDS, not only associated Portugal to the USA and NATO aggression wars, with their long list of death, suffering and destruction – Yugoslavia, 1999,PS/ Guterres; Afghanistan, 2001, PS/ Guterres; Iraq, 2003, PSD /CDS/ Durão / Portas; Libya, 2011, PS/ Socrates; Syria,2011/12, Ukraine, 2014, PSD/CDS / Passos /Portas, - and as pointing out the continuation of the submission policy of the Portuguese Armed Forces towards this political-military block and Portugal’s involvement in the aggressive escalade against peoples and states, which affirm their sovereignty and the defence of their independence. NATO, that is to perform one of its greatest military manoeuvres, involving Portugal, to take place in October next.

And therefore, the next parliamentary elections in October 4th

Are an opportunity to affirm the urgency of rupture with the direction of a permanent external tutelage and eternal social regression, under-development and subjection that the PS, PSD and CDS wish to carry on performing, and the necessary change within national life which ought to open up the path towards a patriotic and left-wing alternative.

A patriotic and left-wing alternative handing out the answers to the people’s needs and the country’s problems, affirming Portugal as a free and sovereign country together with a Europe of peace and cooperation, breaking through the connivance and subservience before the European Union guidelines, renegotiating the debt and the liberation of the submission to the Euro and NATO, within a framework of a determined action towards the intransigent defence of national interests, accomplishing the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

A path towards the defence of rights, interests and desires of the Portuguese people, demanding coherence, determination and trust -, urging the necessary reinforcement of the CDU (PCP /PEV).

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