By Luís Carapinha

“Serial crimes”

Translated "Avante" article by Luís Carapinha, Member of the International Department

The refugee wave in Europe is one of the most current outstanding issues, although, and in spite of some rare exceptions, its deep causes have not been mentioned by the media. The EU responsible, yet digesting the recent colonial memorandum on Greece’s subjugation, prove to be cynical and folly, along with the sharpening of the refugee crisis, considered as the greatest migration wave in Europe, since World War II. An emergency summit is announced within the EU, by… mid-September. A meeting of Home and Justice ministers, proving “the communitarian answers” carry on pointing out, essentially, the securitarian aspect and force solutions. Meanwhile, the ineffable chancellor Merkel leaves the yard, to demand the “ European partners” a refugee quota “ fair distribution” and launch a distressed appeal in the defence of Schengen and the free-circulation rules ( low-cost labour and capitals, to be clear). Fabius, the French socialist Foreign Affairs minister and one of the great instigator of the war in Syria, says to be scandalized with the placed fences by the Hungarian government (right-wing), singing the “European values” psalm. In reality, among grotesque settings of humanitarian pride and crocodile tears, one never goes right in to the problem core and the great responsible names of this social catastrophe are not to be mentioned. The dominant narrative, capitalism policies of economic exploitation, destabilization and war, remain surrounded by a silence mantle.

The refugee influx tragedy has not stopped increasing in the last years, proportional to the return in force of neo-colonialism, spreading of instability, and poverty, that overshadow the future of whole peoples. The substantial aggravation is inseparable of the war spiral and imperialism interference within the neuralgic region, that the Bush II administration strategists, designated by “The Great Middle East”, from North Africa unto Central Asia boundaries. And, when currently, one considers the terrorism issue of the so-called Islamic State ( ISIS), it is understandable that the axe of this great destabilization arch is unstoppable and spreads towards Sub -Saharan Africa and on the Caucasus and Southeast Asia, in the direction of Russia and China. The refugees’ drama and the current migration exodus towards the Old Continent , that the USA in Afghanistan and Iraq helped to prepare, are, therefore, a direct consequence of the most recent NATO campaign against Libya (destroying and breaking up a country that was, until recently, one of the main promoters of the African Union and the African integration) and the war that, since 2011devastates Syria, owing to the involvement and complicity of a “ coalition” that joins the USA, EU powers, the Gulf dictatorships, Israel and Turkey. At the same time, not forgetting the aggression and dismantlement sequels regarding Yugoslavia ( and the miserable state of the people of “independent” Kosovo) along with the Ukraine civil war situation, resulting from the state coup, in 2014.

Simultaneously, and, as in politics “ empty spaces” are inexistent, one ought to highlight the dangerous use of the migration crisis by xenophobe and neo-Fascist nature forces, that are gaining importance and weight, within Europe. The retrograde escapes’ via, no doubt resulting from conditions and tendencies of an objective nature, which mark a decline of the imperialism hegemony situation, is always a war horse and a great capital class instrument during times of crisis. Chaos, terrorism and Fascism are related expressions of the dominant system structural crisis; the attempt of forging ahead of transnational great capital forces. One ought to remain vigilant regarding its uncovered agenda. And never say they are “conspiracy theories”…

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