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On the Eurogroup decisions regarding Greece

On the Eurogroup decisions regarding Greece

The announcement by the Eurogroup of a new memorandum for Greece represents the imposition on the Greek people a continuation of the policy of exploitation, impoverishment, submission to the interests of big business and the major powers.

A new memorandum that is imposed in the aftermath of an unacceptable process of destabilization and blackmail by the European Union and the IMF, that the PSD/CDS government supported and of which the PS was an accomplice, and took advantage of inconsistencies, contradictions and compromises by the SYRIZA/ANEL government- which, significantly, had the support of ND and PASOK for its approval in the Greek Parliament.

A memorandum which - materializing the decisions of the Euro Summit of July 12 -represents the continuation of the policy that led Greece to the social and economic catastrophe, an unsustainable and unpayable debt, plunder of its resources, subordination to the troika ( EU, ECB and IMF).

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity to the Greek workers and people and their struggle against the policies of exploitation, impoverishment and submission.

The PCP reaffirms that a policy truly committed to the values ​​of justice and social progress, sovereign development and democracy, demands a break with the constraints and conditionings of the Euro and EMU, dictated by the interests of big finance capital and the major powers of the European Union.

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