Statement by PCP, Press Conference

On the 20th September 2015 elections in Greece

On the 20th September 2015 elections in Greece

In a first reaction to the known results of the elections in Greece, we point out that they were held in a framework marked by the imposition of a third memorandum and a continuing campaign of pressure on the Greek people.

The results confirm the disapproval of the parties that are historically responsible for the situation into which Greece was thrown, in a context of the SYRIZA/ANEL government’s stand marked by hesitations, contradictions, yielding and wavering that led to the new memorandum.

The process of interference by the European Union and the IMF has, in the new memorandum agreed by the SYRIZA/ANEL government and supported by New Democracy, PASOK and the POTAMI, the instrument to pursue the policy that led Greece to the social and economic catastrophe, an unsustainable and unpayable debt, to the plunder of its resources, to subordination to the troika.

The PCP reiterates its solidarity with the communists, the workers and the people of Greece and their struggle against the policy of exploitation, impoverishment and submission to the interests of big business, the European Union and the IMF, and for better living conditions, for the restoration of rights and incomes, for sovereignty and development of their country.

The evolution of the situation in the European Union and the process regarding Greece proves the need of ruptures with the processes of submission to the interests of big financial capital and the directory of powers at their service.

The PCP reaffirms that a policy committed to the values of justice and social progress, of sovereign development and democracy, demands the breaking away of the country from the constraints and instruments of domination of the European Union, the euro, the Budgetary Treaty, Economic Governance, common policies.

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