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On the decisions announced by the Euro Summit on Greece

On the decisions announced by the Euro Summit on Greece

1. In view of the decisions of the Euro Summit aimed at starting negotiations on a new 'memorandum' for Greece, the PCP reaffirms its condemnation of the process of blackmail, destabilization and financial asphyxiation promoted by the EU and the IMF in order to impose on the Greek people the continuation of indebtedness, exploitation, impoverishment and submission.

A process of interference and blackmail which without refraining from taking advantage of inconsistencies, contradictions and compromises by the Greek Government, and having had even more severe aspects in recent days, reveals the political nature and aims of the capitalist process of integration in Europe and the profound crisis it faces. A process which shows that the European Union's solidarity and cohesion do not exist.

2. The PCP condemns the actions of the Portuguese Government and of the President of Republic of alignment with the dictates of the European Union and its directory of powers. An action that, with the complicity of the PS, undermines the national interest, and denounces the aim of continuing in Portugal, the policy of exploitation, impoverishment and submission of the Country to the dictates of big business, the European Union and IMF.

3. Regardless of further analysis and developments, the decisions now announced are profoundly contrary to the aspirations and interests of the Greek workers and people and the will for a change of policy expressed in the January 25 elections and the July 5 referendum, representing the continuation and enhancement of the path that led Greece to the current situation of social and economic catastrophe and dilapidation of its resources, assets and wealth, and which keeps it tied to the restraints and constraints of the "European Stability Mechanism”, the Euro, the Budgetary Treaty, the Economic Governance and the IMF.

The PCP notes that, given the size and nature of unsustainable debt, the institutions of the EU themselves admit the possibility of changing the terms and interest. But the PCP stresses and reiterates that the renegotiation of the debt must be materialised in favour of the workers and the people and integrated in a policy of economic growth, answer social rights and sovereign development and not in favour of the creditors and used as a bargaining chip for more exploitation and impoverishment.

4. What the process regarding Greece shows and the method and outcome of the Euro Summit prove is that a policy truly committed to the values of justice and social progress, sovereign development and democracy, requires a rupture with the restraints and constraints of the Euro and EMU, dictated by the interests of big financial capital and the directory of the European Union powers in a deep violation of sovereignty.
A process that shows not the inevitability of a posture of submission to the impositions and blackmail of the European Union, but the need of resistance and struggle for a rupture with policies based on inequalities and economic and social regression.

5. The PCP expresses its solidarity to the Greek workers and people and their struggle against policies of exploitation, impoverishment and submission imposed on them by the European Union and the IMF and by successive governments at the service of big business.

6. The evolution of the situation in the European Union and the process concerning Greece prove the validity and correctness of PCP’s analysis and proposals, particularly as regards the urgency of a renegotiation of the Portuguese debt about its terms, amounts and interest (now recognized by many as inevitable) and the need to study and prepare the release of the country's submission to the Euro, in order to resist processes of blackmail and to ensure monetary, budgetary and economic sovereignty.

In Portugal, only a patriotic and left-wing policy can ensure development and economic and social progress and halt the path of decline and national surrender that PS, PSD and CDS want to continue. It is this path of sovereign affirmation, based on the will, intervention and force the Portuguese people, that the PCP is determined to tread assuming all the responsibilities that the people wish to assign to it.
The PCP, with trust in the force of the Portuguese people, and other peoples of Europe, has the profound conviction that it will be possible to build a Europe of cooperation among sovereign states with equal rights, of progress, freedom and peace, based on the values of solidarity, social justice, democracy and mutual respect.

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