Solidarity with the Colombian workers and people

The PCP expressed its solidarity with the Colombian workers and people, addressing the Colombian Communist Party, the Patriotic March and the Comunes Party, which together with other Colombian social and political forces, are engaged in a very hard fight in defence of rights, interests and popular aspirations, with widespread mobilisations throughout Colombia, courageously facing the brutal repression of the Ivan Duque government.

In its message, the PCP conveyed to the Colombian workers and people that they are not alone and that they have sincere friends in Portugal who admire and support their persistent and heroic struggle against the exploitative and oppressive oligarchy and US imperialism, and for the compliance of the Peace Agreements and for peace with social justice, an end to the systematic murder of ex-guerrillas and social activists and the impunity for narco-fascist paramilitary groups, an end to the use of Colombia as a base of aggression against Bolivarian Venezuela.

Considering the struggle of the Colombian workers and people as part of a struggle that is common, the PCP also considers it as a contribution to the struggle in Portugal in defence of the interests and rights of the Portuguese workers and people.

The PCP strongly condemned the criminal fascist repression with which the Ivan Duque government, guided by Uribe and representing the interests of the oligarchy, intends to stifle the popular mobilisation launched by the National Strike on April 28.

Valuing the results already achieved by the struggle of the Colombian workers and people, the PCP also expressed its confidence that the unity and strength of the action of the popular masses will ultimately prevail.

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