Message of the PCP to the Communist Party of Chile

Message of the PCP to the Communist Party of Chile

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the electoral victory of Salvador Allende and the formation of the Government of Popular Unity in Chile, the PCP addressed a message to the Communist Party of Chile saluting the Chilean communists and people and valued the achievements made in the 1041 days of the Government of Popular Unity.

The PCP underlined the commitment of the Government led by President Salvador Allende to uphold the interests and heartfelt aspirations of the Chilean workers and people, mobilising them to build a more democratic and fair society, for the liberation of Chile from the tethers of dependence, exploitation and underdevelopment.

The PCP recalled the words of the historic Communist leader and former general secretary of the CPC, Luis Corvalán, who considered that the “Popular Government presided by Salvador Allende and the process of revolutionary transformations that were carried out with it constituted the most important political event in Chile in the 20th century”.

In its message, the PCP highlighted the prominent role played by the Communist Party of Chile in the Chilean democratic revolution, underlining its relentless struggle and fundamental contribution to the convergent action of the Chilean left and the unity of the anti-monopolistic and anti-imperialist forces among the working class.

The PCP also considered that the Popular Unity process represented an important inspiring factor, in Latin America and in the world, for the struggles for the emancipation of workers and peoples, projecting itself today as an incentive to the resistance and struggle of revolutionary forces and other consequent progressive and democratic forces.

At a time when the reactionary policy of the right-wing government of Pinera faces the greatest wave of social protest since the end of the fascist dictatorship, the PCP expressed to the CPC the best successes for its action and struggle in defence of the rights, interests and aspirations of the Chilean workers and people and, in particular, for the referendum scheduled for October 25, with a view to calling for a democratic constituent process and the adoption of a New National Constitution.

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