Solidarity with the popular forces of Bolivia

Solidarity with the popular forces of Bolivia

On the eve of the elections to be held in Bolivia, the PCP addressed a letter to the Communist Party of Bolivia and the Movement for Socialism, saluting the popular, revolutionary and progressive forces in Bolivia, reaffirming the solidarity of the Portuguese communists to the workers' struggle and Bolivian people in defence of their sovereignty and independence, of their inalienable right to determine their future and paths of development free from interference and pressure by imperialism.

Reiterating the condemnation of the November 2019 coup d'état and the underlying reactionary destabilisation campaign that led to the forced resignation and departure from the country of the legitimate president of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, Evo Morales, the PCP expressed the best successes for Luís Arce's candidacy , presented by MAS and the group of popular forces, which includes the Communist Party of Bolivia, for the presidential elections of October 18, underlining the need to respect the popular will democratically expressed by the ballot, which the reactionary putschist sectors again threaten to refuse.

The PCP expressed its condemnation of the violence and repression exerted by the putschist government of Jeanine Áñez against the mobilisations of the workers and social forces, as well as the campaign of intimidation and political-legal persecution against MAS and other popular forces.

The privatizations, economic debacle, corruption, explosion of poverty and social injustices and the inability to defend the health of the Bolivian people in the current pandemic situation, not only confirm the profoundly anti-popular character of the coup d'état, as evidenced by the serious economic and social consequences of Bolivia's subordination to the agenda of US imperialism and its puppets of the Bolivian oligarchy and reaction.

The PCP expressed its conviction that with resistance and fighting capacity, the Bolivian workers and popular masses will sooner than later be able to defeat the reactionary offensive, restore democracy and assert the rights and interests of the Bolivian people.

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