"Resisting to Aggression"

Translated "Avante!" article by Pedro Guerreiro, Member of the CC and of the International Department

Among other aspects which express the international situation’s evolution, it continues to be of utmost importance the follow-up of North Africa and the Middle East situation, where, notwithstanding the interference, destabilization and worsening of the conflict and aggression by imperialism, the latter resumes not achieving to ensure many of its intents.

Libya resists, a month and a half after the USA, France and Great-Britain’s bombardments - perpetrated under the NATO’s seal-, and the violent and brutal political, economic and financial blockade, which they actively promote and desire to impose.

Despite the shameless 1970 and 1973 United Nations Security Council’s resolutions, amid which imperialism is based and tries to whiten its engendered aggression, more and more voices cry out denouncing the USA, France and Great-Britain’s true purposes and criticizing the death and destruction escalade in which they are engaged.

The truth is that the people of Libya face today an external aggression, which has no other purpose but the submission unto the imperialist powers domain and interests. As in Yugoslavia, Afghanistan or Iraq, once again the adjectives to define the cynical setting cannot be found, and which conceals the authentic State terrorism and the sordid death and plunder business, which develops, this time, at the cost of the people of Libya.

It is a cynical manner how, attempt upon attempt of Khadafy’s assassination, NATO and other responsible for the aggression have, hypocritically, lamented over the loss of lives and state the targets are not individuals , but military premises - after all , as it happened within Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, where death was scattered.

The USA and other aggressors having announced the use of the people of Libya’s sovereign and oil funds - following their taking over by assault - in order to finance the infrastructures’ reconstruction, they themselves destroyed, the weapons they intend to sell out to the self-proclaimed Transition National Counsel and their own war effort, is sordid.

It is unacceptable the USA and NATO, together with Ban Ki-moon, the current UN secretary-general’s serviceable assistance, seek to determine and enforce the conditions - that only but the people of Libya can sovereignly establish - and, even, prevent the establishment of the necessary and urgent cease-fire and the negotiations which might lead unto the conflict’s peaceful resolution by the people of Libya for the people of Libya, as proposed and attempted in multiple initiatives conducted by the African Union and the Libya government itself.

In other words, the USA/ NATO / EU aggression to Libya is the major obstacle to peace within this country, as far as when the aggressors announce and prepare new steps in the war escalade, always under an humanitarian aid” coverage“, which only means death and suffering, before resistance against the aggression.

Nevertheless, imperialism carries on facing drawbacks and obstacles. Otherwise of what took place with the escalade against Libya, the same did not occur on what concerns its Syria interference, destabilization, and isolation plan, having for now, aborted its attempt to approve a resolution by the United Nations Security Council. In Palestine, steps have been made, which might, if consequent, contradict a conflict situation among Palestinians, provoked and actively promoted by the USA, Israel and the EU, since 2006. Egypt announces the opening of its border along the Gaza Strip, closed since 2007, and expresses availability to resume diplomatic relations with Iran, interrupted 30 years ago.

Signals do not cease within and round North Africa and the Middle East on the situation, which carries on its change process. Its direction will be decided by the peoples ‘struggle.

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