By Jorge Cadima

"The swamp"

Translated "Avante!" article by Jorge Cadima, Member of the International Department

General Wesley Clark became famous as the NATO supreme high commander, during the war against Yugoslavia. He revitalized his fame in 2007, when, during an interview in the Democracy Now programme, in the USA’s National Public Radio (in 2007.03.02) he revealed that, a few days upon the September 11 attempts, and when the decision was already taken of “ we are sweeping out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finally Iran”. Currently, Clark has given information on the origins of the so-called band of assassins, called ISIS. To CNN, he stated (2015.02.18): “ ISIS was created through our allies and friends financing, as the people in the region ought to say,” if one wants somebody to fight till death against the Hezbollah, one does not publish recruitment notices to join us, in order to build a better world”. Fanatics and religious fundamentalists are sought for and recruited – and that is how the Hezbollah is fought. A sort of Frankenstein”. When one hears about ISIS’ crimes and atrocities, remember that – in the USA general’s words – one is before a monster created by the USA’s allies and friends.

Clark does not explain who are “the friends and allies” in question. Joe Biden, the USA vice-president, rendering a speech before Harvard University’s pupils (2014.10.04) had publically mentioned the Turkish, Saudi and United Arab Emirates governments. But one ought to remember the USA’s greatest “ friend and ally” in the region, Israel, which hatred towards the Hezbollah is easy to imagine. The Zionist state ( considered to be invincible) has been twice defeated by the Lebanese resistance organization: in 2000, when it was obliged to end the South of Lebanon occupation, since 1978; and again in 2006, when Israel launched a new criminal occupation war against its neighbour, in the North. The New York Times had previously entitled that “ the convergent interests ought to lead to a cooperation between Israel and the Gulf states” (2014.03.31), adding that the collaboration could go by “ the cooperation of Israelis and Saudis, whilst training fighters against the Syrian opposition”. Haaretz, the Israeli newspaper informs (2014.12.07) that “the UN’s observateurs’ reports in the Golan [ Mountains], delivered to the 15 Security Counsel members, detail the regular contacts of the IAF [ Israeli Armed Forces] officers and the armed Syrian opposition figures, near the boarder”. And the 24News, the Israeli television news channel adds ( 2014.12.07) that, as a response to public accusations that the Israel armed forces perform medical aid to all the Syrian opposition armed groups “ including the al-Nusra and Daesh Front”[ as ISIS is known in the Middle East], the Israeli military press office confirmed: ” In the last two years, the IAF have rendered humanitarian aid and saved lives among wounded Syrians, independently of their identity”. This “humanism” is touching for those who have assassinated hundreds of children, in Gaza”.

But Clark and Biden are false naives. The problem is not but the “friends and allies”. The New York Times, in 2014.09.20, headlined: “ Within Iraq, there are deep suspicions of that the CIA and the Islamic State are united”. And, according to the Iranian news agency FNA (2015.02.23), “the Iraq army shot down two British planes carrying weapons for ISIS”, a confirmed information by the Iraqi Parliament National Security and Defence Commission. The latter’s president stated:” Bagdad’s government receives daily reports from people and security forces in the al-Anbar province, on numerous plane flights, belonged to the coalition under the USA, which launch weapons and provisions in the zones under the ISIL terrorist control”. The swamp created by imperialism hegemonic ambitions is beyond any sick imagination. One never knows whoever will sink in it.

Original version in Avante!

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