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PCP denounces the attempt to ban the CPU and expresses solidarity with the communists of Ukraine

PCP denounces the attempt to ban the CPU and expresses solidarity with the communists of Ukraine

The PCP denounces the heightening of the repressive and persecutory campaign against the Communist Party of Ukraine, firmly condemning the decision announced by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine to begin a judicial process aimed at banning the Communist Party of Ukraine.

This action once again confirms the anti-democratic nature of the power installed in Kiev as a result of the February coup, supported and promoted by the US, EU and NATO.

In reaffirming solidarity with the Ukrainian communists and all the antifascist forces of Ukraine, the PCP insists on the need for a complete rejection of the climate of intimidation and political persecution against all those who oppose the illegitimate and reactionary power and the implementation of the severe package of submission and austerity imposed by the EU and the IMF. A situation that has resulted, namely, in repeated attacks against the activity of the CPU and the outrageous public demand for its ban by those responsible for the coup, who are now shamelessly being given cover and legal legitimacy.

Similarly, the PCP expresses its strong indignation and concern at the worsening humanitarian situation in Ukraine resulting from the criminal armed operation conducted in the East of the country, openly aimed at civilian "targets". It is significant that the power that aims to ban the existence of the CPU and all dissenting thought in Ukraine is the same that carries out a criminal punitive campaign against the populations and towns in the East of the country.

Categorically condemning the use of military force by the Government in power - with the use of heavy artillery and aviation - against the people of Donbass, the PCP alerts to the serious consequences for the Ukrainian people, as well as for international peace and security, resulting from the current armed operation, which has the decisive participation of militias and forces of a xenophobic and neo-fascist nature, demanding an immediate end to the campaign of military aggression by the de facto power in Kiev.

Reiterating its solidarity with the Ukrainian workers and people and all the forces that stand up against the neo-fascist threat and the power of the oligarchs and big business, for a free, sovereign and democratic Ukraine of social progress, the PCP once again points out the responsibilities of the major powers in the Ukrainian crisis, particularly of the U.S. and EU.

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