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On the situation in Ukraine

On the situation in Ukraine

Given the recent and dramatic evolution of the situation in the Ukraine, PCP expresses its condemnation of the coup d’état perpetrated by the most reactionary sectors of the Ukrainian oligarchy with the support of imperialism, after months of destabilization and an escalation of violence, put into action after the announcement of the suspension of the signature of the agreement of association with the European Union, this past November.

The recent events are evidence of instrumentalization by NATO imperialist powers – in concert with the Ukrainian dominant classes – of the deep accumulated discontent among workers and broad sectors of the populations as a result of the social and economic disaster arising from the restoration of capitalism in the Ukraine, during the last two decades.

PCP denounces and condemns the brutal interference and destabilization on the part of the USA, UE and NATO in the internal situation of the Ukraine – promoting and supporting extreme right-wing, neo-Nazi and xenophobic forces and fostering the exacerbation of tensions, divisions and conflicts – that aims to ensure the political, economic and military dominion over this immense country, in order to advance its escalation of tension and strategy of confrontation with the Russian Federation, reality that represents an increased threat to security and peace in Europe and the World.

PCP alerts to the real significance and danger represented by the advance of extreme right-wing forces and groups of a fascist and neo-Nazi nature – in what constitutes a serious threat to democracy, to rights and freedoms and the integrity and sovereignty of the country – and also calls attention to the projects that under the pretext of “foreign aid” seek to impose grave economic and political conditions.

PCP denounces and rejects the anticommunist campaign and actions and expresses its most vehement condemnation of the attacks perpetrated against the militants, leaders and headquarters of the Communist Party of the Ukraine, as well as attempts to limit or even illegalize the activity of the Communist Party of the Ukraine.

PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the Ukrainian workers and people, as well as with the Communist Party of the Ukraine and all its militants and Ukrainian communist sympathizers, and with their struggle for peace, social well-being, and the sovereignty and independence of the Ukraine.

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