Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP calls for solidarity with the Palestinian people

PCP condemns the recent escalation of violence and provocation by the Israeli government and armed Israeli settler groups against the Palestinian population.

Incursions by Zionist groups around the Al-Aqsa Mosque continue with impunity, together with attempts to expel Palestinian populations from Jerusalem neighborhoods, notably the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. These actions, coordinated between the Israeli government and extremist groups, are part of the strategy of annexation of East Jerusalem, making it even harder to build a Palestinian state as envisaged in the relevant UN resolutions.

There is violence, repression, persecution and indiscriminate destruction of Palestinian property throughout the territory, together with expansion and construction of new Israeli settlements.

Israel continues to resort to the administrative detention of members of the Palestinian resistance while it intensifies its blockade of Gaza, a territory experiencing one of the most serious humanitarian crises in the world.

The impunity of Israel's action against Palestine and its population, the systematic aggression and violation of international law are possible only with the connivance and objective support of the United States of America and the European Union. Therefore, PCP denounces and expresses its deep concern at the announcement the United Kingdom is planning to move its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, a decision that, if implemented, would be another evident sign of support for Israel's policies and projects.

PCP considers that the Portuguese government – in accordance with the principles of the Portuguese Constitution – should assume a clear position defending the right of the Palestinian people to an independent state, along the 1967 borders, with capital in East Jerusalem and with an effective right to return for refugees.

PCP calls for solidarity with the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people, for their inalienable national rights and, immediately, for the release of the thousands of Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli prisons, the end of the blockade of the Gaza Strip and the end to provocations and violence against the Palestinian people, particularly in Jerusalem.


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