Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP stands in solidarity with Cuba

The Portuguese Communist Party expresses its unwavering solidarity with Cuba, the Cuban people, its Government and its Revolution, which are the target of an unacceptable and criminal policy of interference, destabilisation and blockade by North American imperialism.

Cuba faces a demanding and complex economic situation, and its difficult consequences, which is inseparable from more than six decades of imposition of an economic, commercial and financial blockade by the US, the application of which was severely worsened during the period of the pandemic.

The harmful economic and social consequences of this cruel, criminal and illegal blockade are consistently denounced by the firm stance of truth and initiative of the Cuban authorities and in successive resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly that urge the end of the blockade, and which were adopted by almost all its member countries.

The cynical attempt of instrumentalization by the US Administration, including by its Embassy in Havana, of expressions of understandable discontent on March 17 - and which the Cuban authorities followed, debating with the population the problems and efforts that are being undertaken to provide a solution to them – is an integral part of the destabilisation process they are carrying out against Cuba.

The PCP denounces the great hypocrisy of the US which, falsely claiming to be concerned about the Cuban people, deliberately carries out a policy of interference and aggression that violently attacks the sovereignty and independence of Cuba and the rights of the Cuban people.

The PCP demands the end of the blockade imposed against the Cuban people, the removal of Cuba from the illegitimate and arbitrary US list of “states sponsoring terrorism” and the end of its systematic destabilisation action targeting Cuba, and urges respect for Cuba’s sovereignty and independence, the right of its people to sovereignly decide their path, free from external interference.

Highlighting the example of courage and dignity that Cuba represents, the PCP reiterates its solidarity with the Cuban people and the Communist Party of Cuba.

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