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The PCP condemns the attack in Paris

 The PCP condemns the attack in Paris

The PCP firmly condemns the attack that took place in Paris against the headquarters of the Charlie Hebdo magazine and expresses its consternation and solidarity with the French people.

The PCP stresses that crimes of this kind cannot be disassociated from an international context that is marked by interferences and aggressions against sovereign States, with the instigation of religious and ethnic conflicts and the promotion of extreme right-wing, xenophobic and fascist forces. This is a reality that is accompanied by an increase in exploitation and social exclusion, namely in the countries of the European Union.

The PCP draws attention to the dangers of an instrumentalization of genuine feelings of indignation, in order to intensify measures of a securitarian nature which target citizens' rights, freedoms and guarantees or to promote racist and xenophobic feelings which have fed the growth of the far right and of fascism in Europe.

The PCP insists that fighting against such crimes requires a reversal of policies, whether economic and social, or of international relations between States, and demands an end to the political, financial and
military support which is given by the USA and countries of the European Union to groups that spread terror and destruction, namely in the Middle East, as well as the development of policies of peace and cooperation which respect international law, the sovereignty of peoples, freedom and democracy.

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