Release do Gabinete de Imprensa dos Deputados do PCP no PE

Stop the war! Demand a path of dialogue and peace!

It is necessary to defend dialogue and peace, not the increase in policy and measures that are at the origin of the escalation of the conflict in Europe.

The PCP reaffirms its consistent position against war and in favour of peace.

Confrontation and war will not solve humanity's problems, on the contrary, they will only worsen them.

What is needed are initiatives that contribute to a process of dialogue with a view to a political solution to the conflict in Ukraine, to the response to collective security problems in Europe, compliance with the principles of the UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act.

The PCP condemns the path of interference, violence and confrontation resulting from the 2014 coup d'état promoted by the US in Ukraine, which was followed by the recent Russian military intervention, and added to the intensification of the US warmongering escalation by NATO and the EU.

Initiatives and measures are urgently needed to pave the way for negotiation and peace.

But what this resolution does is give strength to the escalation, to the heightening of the war, and to make difficult the ceasefire and the negotiated solution that is needed in the interests of the peoples and of world peace.

The PCP considers the resolution adopted today by the European Parliament to be profoundly negative, which:

- Seeks to impose a unilateral vision and instigates confrontation, war;

- Ignores the violations of the principles of international law of which it has a selective, restrictive and instrumental view and the successive decisions and provocations by the US, NATO and the EU that led to the conflict in Ukraine and preceded Russia's military intervention in that country;

- Ignores the role that the US, NATO and the EU played in the 2014 coup d'état in Ukraine, resorting to fascist forces, which led to deep fractures, persecutions and violence in Ukraine and which resulted in 15,000 deaths in that country in the last seven years ;

- Gives coverage to the colossal process of increasing military expenditure, the strengthening and expansion of NATO and the militarisation of the EU, which is at the origin of the worsening situation in Europe and in the world;

- Instead of contributing to an urgent and necessary political solution, it strives to cut all bridges and the imposition of more sanctions that affect the peoples of Europe and are a pretext for jeopardising rights and worsening living conditions;

- Not only ignores the whole problem of security and disarmament in Europe, but even proposes to make it worse.

It is urgent to stop the policy of inciting confrontation, which will only lead to the worsening of the conflict, the loss of more human lives, greater suffering, with dramatic consequences for the peoples of Ukraine and Russia, for the peoples of Europe.

The PCP considers it urgent to return to the path of respect for the principles of the United Nations Charter and the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference, of peace and cooperation among peoples.

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