Release from the PCP Press Office

For peace! End the escalation of confrontation and war!

The escalation of the war in Ukraine, a war that has been going on for nine years and which urgently needs to end, is of great concern to all those who aspire to a world of peace.

The arms escalation and the resulting continuation and intensification of the war entail growing and serious consequences and dangers for the Ukrainian and Russian peoples, for the peoples of Europe and the whole world.

It is increasingly evident that it is the workers and peoples who are paying the costs of instigating war, the militaristic drift, the spiral of sanctions promoted by the US, NATO and the EU, portrayed by the rise in the prices of essential goods, in the attack on rights and living conditions, in the worsening of poverty and inequalities, in the deterioration of the economic and social situation.

It is increasingly more obvious that those who gain from the war and want it to continue are the big arms, energy, food, retail or banking companies, which amass billions in profits.

Reality is showing that, being presented as a war between Russia and Ukraine, this is, in fact, a war between the US and NATO against Russia, within the framework of the strategy of hegemonic dominance of North American imperialism, in which Ukraine and the power placed there are used as an instrument of this dangerous warmongering action, at the cost of the sacrifice of the Ukrainian people.

Imperialism is increasingly committed to creating serious outbreaks of tension and war in order to justify its policy of exploitation and oppression, which is patent in the increase in interference, aggression, imposition of sanctions and blockades on countries which do not submit to its dictates, and this includes the escalation against Russia and the growing confrontation with China.

In this context, the Portuguese Government's positioning of submission and alignment with the policy of arms escalation and worsening of the conflict in Eastern Europe, contrary to the interests of the Portuguese people and the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, which upholds the peaceful resolution of international conflicts.

The PCP reaffirms that it is urgent that the US, NATO and the EU stop instigating and fuelling the war in Ukraine and that negotiation channels be opened with the other parties involved, namely the Russian Federation, with a view to reaching a political solution to the conflict, the answer to the problems of collective security and disarmament in Europe, compliance with the principles of the UN Charter and the Final Act of the Helsinki Conference.

The PCP repudiates the pressure and blackmail on countries that maintain their own position on the conflict, not aligning with the warmongering escalation of the US, NATO and the EU, and warns that the attempt to instrumentalise the UN in terms of the strategy of confrontation undermines its foundations and its very existence.

Denouncing imperialism’s manoeuvres that aim to hinder the necessary dialogue with a view to promoting peace, cooperation, security and disarmament, the PCP values the appeals, initiatives and proposals of mediation for an urgent political solution to the conflict.

In the current situation, in which the aspiration for peace is unequivocally expressed throughout the world, the resistance and struggle of countries and peoples in defence of their sovereignty and rights, including the right to development, for the construction of a new international order is of the utmost importance.

Expressing its solidarity with the victims of a war that has been going on for nine years and considering of great importance the actions in favour of peace that have been carried out in Portugal, the PCP reiterates its firm commitment to the fight for peace, for truth, against militarism, fascism and war, for a Portuguese foreign policy of national sovereignty, friendship, peace and cooperation with all the peoples of the world.

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