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On the 70th Anniversary of NATO – intensify the struggle for its dissolution, for disarmament and for peace!

The 70 years of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) –formally constituted on April 4th 1949– is being celebrated by the large imperialist powers, not only with the usual lies and falsifications about its origin and history, but to legitimize the reinforcement and expansion of the aggressive political-military block, and foster the arms race and strategy of confrontation and war, with which the most reactionary and aggressive sectors of imperialism seek to «exit» the deepening of the structural crisis of the capitalist system.

PCP has condemned the creation of NATO since its foundation. Exposing its hypocritical presentation as a «peaceful» and «defensive» organization and alerting to its aggressive and anti-communist nature, of confrontation with the Soviet Union and socialist countries, an instrument of provocation of the «cold war» and repression of peoples in struggle for their freedom from colonialism and imperialism. From the destruction of Yugoslavia —the first war in Europe since the end of the Second World War— to the aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq Libya and Syria, the 70 years of NATO’s existence have completely proven PCP’s analyses and predictions.

PCP recalls that the fascist dictatorship in Portugal was a founding member of NATO, a fact that in itself expresses the nature and objectives of this alliance. The support of the large imperialist powers —of which NATO is the main military branch— was decisive towards the longevity of the fascist dictatorship in Portugal, including its support to the criminal colonial wars against the peoples of Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique. The Portuguese people does not forget NATO’s pressures and threats aimed at constraining the liberating 25 of Abril Revolution. Portugal’s participation in NATO was and is an important constraint upon Portugal’s sovereignty and independence. The dissolution of NATO is a crucial aim towards the affirmation of national sovereignty and world peace, in articulation with the countries disengagement with its structures, as part of Portugal’s inalienable right to decide upon its exit.

PCP has included its struggle against the aggressive policy of NATO within the more general struggle for disarmament and peace, including the end to all political-military blocks, such as NATO and the Warsaw Treaty, created in 1955, six years after NATO. However, the dissolution of the Warsaw Treaty, in 1991, was not accompanied by the dissolution of NATO. On the contrary, confirming its imperialist nature, since then we have seen the reinforcement of NATO, its expansion into Eastern Europe approaching the Russian borders, widening its intervention to the whole world. Following Colombia, the project of including Brazil in NATO, at a time with a fascist danger hangs over this country and there is a growing threat of military aggression against Bolivarian Venezuela, is particularly indicative of the nature of this aggressive alliance and the need for its dissolution.

PCP calls attention to the gravity of NATO’s articulation with the European Union. An articulation marked by contradictions, which involves the aims of the US to consolidate and reinforce its political and military domination in Europe, but which does not question the NATO’s «European branch» and is serving to justify the reinforcement of militarism in the EU, including the exponential increase in military budget to pay for the arms race, and the creation of bases for a future «European army» as part of the Permanent Structured Cooperation (PESCO).

PCP has always fought the elaboration of «strategic concepts» and the development of policies that subordinate the Portuguese Armed Forces and standardize its organization, with consequences for its capacities and attributions in the defence of national sovereignty and independence.

PCP is firmly opposed to the follow-my-leader policy of the Socialist Party (PS) Government regarding the strategy of the large imperialist powers and its alignment with the reinforcement and expansion of NATO, and the growing militarization of the EU.

The struggle for a patriotic and left-wing alternative, involving the affirmation of a sovereign and independent Portugal, is inseparable from the struggle for respecting the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic in matters of foreign policy and defence, namely the principles enshrined in its Article 7, such as national independence; peaceful solution of international conflicts; non-inference in the internal affairs of other States; general, simultaneous and controlled disarmament; the dissolution of political-military blocks; and the establishment of a system of collective security, aimed at creating an international order capable of ensuring peace and justice in the relationships among peoples.

At a time when we commemorate the 45th anniversary of the April Revolution, that unforgettable affirmation of national sovereignty and independence, the defence of the Constitution of the Republic and struggle for the respect and application of its emancipating principles gains particular topicality.

In the present and dangerous international situation –where together with important expressions of resistance and struggle, there are advances from the extreme right, militarism and war– the 70th anniversary of NATO should be marked with a reinforcement of unity in action of the forces of social progress and peace in the struggle for disarmament; against imperialism’s interferences and aggressions, as in Venezuela; for the respect of the UN Charter and International Law; and for the dissolution of political-military blocks.

The aggressive strategy of imperialism, of which NATO is an essential element, is endangering world peace and threatening Humanity.

The dissolution of NATO is a requirement of the defense of peace!

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