Release from the PCP Press Office

Solidarity with the people of Bolivia

Following the violence and destabilization by reactionary forces in Bolivia, disrespecting the election results of the October 20th presidential elections that determined the reelection of Evo Morales as President of the Plurinational State of Bolivia, PCP manifests its solidarity with the Bolivian people and underlines the need to respect the popular will, democratically expresses in the ballots, in accordance with the electoral results scrutinized by the Supreme Electoral Tribunal of Bolivia.

PCP condemns the actions that, fostered by unacceptable pressures and foreign interference, aim to divide Bolivians and jeopardize the legitimacy of the Bolivian elections, the impartiality of competent electoral institutions and the normal functioning of Bolivarian institutions. These attempts, which have nothing to do with an alleged defense of democracy or transparency, have as their true goal disrespecting the expression of the popular will and defeating the ongoing process of sovereign affirmation, social progress and emancipation, according to the destabilizing agenda established in Washington by US imperialism.

The Portuguese government should express support for the initiatives the President and Government of Bolivia are initiating to defend democracy, the respect for the popular will expressed in the ballots, and the constitutional order of the Plurinational State of Bolivia.

PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the popular, progressive and revolutionary forces of Bolivia, with the struggle of Bolivian workers and people in defense of their right to freely decide their own destiny, of social progress, peace and cooperation.

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