"Russia - A Delirious campaign"

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

An orchestrated delirious campaign against Russia, coming from Great Britain, deserves some reflexion. Besides its colossal media coverage dimension, it is a step forward, concerning the hostility and confrontation escalade of the great imperialist powers, deliberated round NATO, and against the Russian Federation. No doubt it works as a diversion manoeuvre before Theresa May’s government difficulties, amid the Brexit process, the European capitalist integration process – as clearly decided during 23/24th March Counsel - ,the results of the trade war amid the EU, unleashed by the USA, having China as the main target.

All is not about speculating on what happened, in reality with the British M16 Russian spy. If there exists any question on the international analysis, on advising prudence, it is otherwise what involves ( in “expert” language) intelligence and “covered operations” services. All is about understanding the reasons of such outcry and threat, considering the powers involved, that ought to have serious developments for world security and peace, as the context of this campaign is a USA and its allies dementia run to armaments, when the Washington military doctrine expressly points out Russia and China as enemies, to subdue and defeat.

Naturally, it is necessary to reject all sophisticated induced turmoils, by the dominant class propaganda. Russia is not the Soviet Union. Nor, in the home plan, nor regarding its social system, nor even concerning the principles that rule its international relations. The socialist system was destroyed and the Russian economy stands at the mercy of the mafia great capitalist groups. One ought to be prepared for surprises. But obviously, Putin is not the betrayer Ieltsin, there exist economy non-privatized key – sectors and Russia carries on being a powerful military power, as highlighted in Putin’s annual speech, addressed to the nation. And more important of all, are the people’s of Russia anti-imperialist national emotional engagement, a people that more than any other, suffered its homeland invasion and despite all a historical demolishing revisionism, does not accept the possibility of its country to become a foreign powers’ colony. Putin and his government cannot ignore this fact. It is necessary to analyse, with Marxist criterion, all the Russian complex reality. To place the USA and Russia at the same world chess level, is a serious mistake, and that hampers the building of a vast struggle front against the central enemy.

The NATO ( and the EU) cavalcade towards the East, that followed the USSR destruction, has currently reached the Russian boarders, but has not achieved all its objectives. And on what concerns its position towards Ukraine, its support to Syria, strategic relations with China, Russia is an objective obstacle to imperialism hegemony. Intolerable for the USA and its allies. And this is the implied nature of the anti-Russian hysteria.

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