«Fascism and anticomunism»

Translated "Avante!"article by Albano Nunes, Member of the International Department

Why has the far -right wing forces and fascism itself advance have become an international central issue?

Fascism is a capitalism creation in order to intensify exploitation and save the system. It is the monopolist power most terrorist expression. And what is occurring is what the PCP has called upon, for ages: the dominant class most reactionary and aggressive sectors use more and more fascism and war in order to have a “solution” for the capitalism structural crisis.

That is the main reason, under several different expressions, fascism is peeping and spreading worldwide, from Ukraine unto Brazil, USA, Israel, from the European Union countries unto many dictatorships, imposed and torn apart by imperialism.

More and more, it is evident that fascism counts with very strong complicities at state level, as with the Trump administration, and holds a disturbing expression. Its growth ought to be impossible if it were not the schizophrenic media approach, that both hinders and exaggerates serious reactionary and fascist nature demonstrations, through an ideological behaviour that tends to minimize the phenomena instead of fighting it. The truth is that the far-right and fascist forces already occupy important positions amid parliaments and governments in various European countries.

Struggle against fascism ought to be inconsequent if the breeding ground that nurtures it is not to be identified: injustice and inequalities generated by capitalism social situation in which wealth polarization has reached an unprecedented level, unemployment , precariousness and non-rights labour generalize and salaries stagnate or retrocede unto before 2007/2008 levels. A situation in which the bourgeois liberal representation system’s difficulties and contradictions favours demagogy and a far-right so-called “ anti-system” radicalization and – as within the European Union – interferences and impositions that trample over national sovereignties, are exploited to instigate nationalism, an important racism and fascism nourishment.

Neo-liberalism has undoubtedly fascism inscribed in its genes, its exploiter and predator nature is likely to accentuate. Its first “experience” was the Pinochet Chilli and there exist documents/ research that prove (vide Avelãs Nunes) neo-liberalism and democracy ( even liberal) are incompatible.

Fascism is not an inevitability. But instead a real danger, one ought to fight with the greatest energy. A combat that the PCP, as always, is in the frontline, coherent with its long history of struggle towards Freedom and the building of anti-fascist unity. À propos, the reason the PCP members’ vote at the EP, on article 7º unto Hungry, some new- comers commentators ( in O Público, 2018. 09.16) did not hesitate in throwing up their hate, not against fascism but instead against the PCP. Not surprisingly. As the scandalous dominant media handling concerning our outstanding Avante Festival! Reaction, fascism and anticommunism were always hand-in-hand. One ought never to forget.

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