Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns the bombing of Syria by the US, UK and France

The PCP strongly condemns the bombing of the Syrian Arab Republic by the United States, the United Kingdom and France and with the support or endorsement of NATO, the European Union and Israel.

This unacceptable act of aggression against Syria, in flagrant violation and affront to the United Nations Charter and international law, was carried out under the pretext of an alleged and unproven use of chemical weapons in Douma, whose responsibility Syria rejects, and offered to contribute to a full investigation of what really happened.

It is particularly revealing and significant that this US and allied bombing was carried out exactly when international experts arrive in Syria to investigate the alleged use of chemical weapons in Douma.

The PCP recalls that the United States, the United Kingdom and France were responsible for wars of aggression with their brutal legacy of death, suffering and destruction under the pretext of scandalous and grave falsehoods and lies such as the nonexistent "weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq or the unfounded "massacres of the population" in Libya.

This attack represents a new and serious step in the operation of aggression and destruction of Syria, inseparable from the defeats inflicted by the Syrian people, with the support of Russia and other allies, on the terrorist groups created and supported by US-led imperialism.

The PCP warns of the unpredictable and dangerous consequences of an escalade of provocation and aggression against Syria and its people.
The PCP repudiates the stand of the Portuguese government and considers that, in keeping with the Constitution of the Republic, Portugal should demarcate from this unacceptable act of aggression, fight for an end to the aggression against Syria and support the ongoing initiatives for dialogue and peace.

The PCP calls for solidarity with Syria and its people, who, facing the barbaric aggression of US imperialism and its allies for seven years, are resisting and fighting for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of their homeland, the right to decide their future, free from any interference.

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