National Issues

Statement by António Abreu, Candidate for the Presidency of the Republic

About the electoral results for the presidential elections

I would like to begin by greeting all the members and sympathisers who from the very beginning associated with this candidacy and gave themselves to our campaign with enthusiasm or sent us words of incitement during its course. I would also like to greet the youth and, specially the JCP, for the enthusiasm and support given to us.

Political Resolution of the XVI PCP Congress (Excerpts from Chapter I and Chapter IV)

Chapter I  - International Situacion

Chapter IV - The PCP, asserting its identity, increasing its influence

Motion by , XVI Congress of the Portuguese Communist Party

Motion - In defense of Peace

Mankind is facing a gigantic challenge. Under the imperial baton of the US administration, the nuclear and space arms race and the globe's militarisation continue.

Motion by , XVI Congress of the Portuguese Communist Party - 2000

Motion - Solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinian People

The 16th Congress of the PCP warmly and fraternally greets the Palestinian people and their prolonged and heroic national liberation struggle, against Israeli occupation and brutal aggression, for their right to a fatherland, to self-determination and to peace.

In this long path to freedom, there are countless victims, to whose memory we pay tribute.

Speech by Carlos Carvalhas, General Secretary of the PCP, Lisbon, XVI Congress of the Portuguese Communist Party

Opening speech by Carlos Carvalhas - XVI Congress of the Portuguese Communist Party

Dear Friends and Comrades,

Dear foreign and national guests,

First of all I wish to thank you for your presence and I specially want to greet all the comrade delegates and, through you, to greet the whole party collective that you represent and the populations of the regions you come from.

Resolution by PCP Central Committee

On the presidential elections


Speech by Carlos Carvalhas, General Secretary of the PCP, Atalaia - Amora, Seixal, "Avante!" Festival 2000

Closing Rally of the 24th "Avante!" Festival


Statement by PCP Central Committee, Lisbon

Communiqué of the Central Committee of the PCP - 17 June 2000

At its meeting of June 16 and 17, 2000, the Central Committee examined the main aspects of the social and political situation, made a preliminary analysis of the presidential elections, defined the main tasks for the forthcoming months and debated issues concerning the preparation of the PCP's 16th Congress to be held on December, 8, 9 and 10 of this year.

Statement by PCP Central Committee

Communiqué of PCP's Central Committee - Meeting of 5th-6th February 2000

The Central Committee of the PCP, having met on February 5th and 6th, analysed and discussed the social and political situation, appreciated the activity carried out lately by the Party and defined the essential party tasks in the immediate future.