Release do Gabinete de Imprensa dos Deputados do PCP no PE

End of sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Even in a situation of pandemic, the policy of interference and aggression against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela promoted by the US continues, which seriously and in a premeditated way affects the living conditions of the Venezuelan people and, consequently, of the Portuguese-Venezuelan community, seeking to prevent the conditions that can ensure the fulfilment of their rights.

The European Union and some governments, including the Portuguese government, are accomplices of actions of destabilisation, sanctions and commercial, economic and financial blockade imposed by the US Administration, reproducing, as has recently been seen, the range of sanctions.

The preliminary findings of the visit of UN Special Rapporteur to the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela on the impact of unilateral coercive measures on the exercise of human rights constitute an important denunciation of the crime that these measures against the Venezuelan people represent.

The set of measures, sanctions and blockade imposed by the US against Venezuela constitute a violation of international law whose aim is to interfere in Venezuela's internal affairs, violating the principles of non-interference and sovereign equality of States and worsening the living conditions of the Venezuelan people.

The freezing and theft of assets of the Central Bank of Venezuela, amounting to billions of dollars - including through the Novo Banco with the retention of 1.2 billion dollars in Portugal -, preventing the Government of Venezuela from guaranteeing the needs of the population, constitutes a criminal act much more so when in the context of a pandemic.

The attitude of the EU and its institutions towards Venezuela has been contrary to the interests of the Venezuelan people and of the Portuguese community living in Venezuela.

The European Union and its member countries, particularly Portugal, are not exempted from the duty to respect the principles of International Law, such as respect for the sovereignty and independence of States and the right of the Venezuelan people to decide on their future, free from foreign interference.

PCP’s MPs in the European Parliament consider that only an attitude of respect for Venezuela's sovereignty and its constitutional order will contribute to ensuring the normalisation of the situation and safeguarding the interests of the Portuguese community in that country.

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