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On the sanctions adopted by the European Union against Venezuela

On the sanctions adopted by the European Union against Venezuela

The PCP strongly condemns the adoption by the European Union (EU) of sanctions against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela.

This decision, adopted yesterday by the EU Foreign Affairs Council, besides being an outrageous exercise of hypocrisy, represents above all an inadmissible act of pressure and political interference directed against the sovereignty of the Venezuelan people, contrary to the principles and provisions of the United Nations Charter and International Law.

With this decision, the EU takes yet another step in its policy of confronting and disregarding the legitimate Government and constitutional order of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, and is part of the vast economic destabilization and economic, financial, political and diplomatic blockade against Venezuela and its people, which has been promoted and intensified by the US Administration led by Donald Trump.

The PCP criticizes the involvement of the Portuguese Government in the decision now adopted by the EU, emphasizing that the promotion and support to the forces that endorse the spiral of interference and destabilization against Venezuela in no way helps defend the interests of the Venezuelan people and of the Portuguese community living in Venezuela.

The PCP restates that only an attitude of respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela and its constitutional order will contribute to ensure the normalization of the situation and the safeguard of the interests of the Portuguese community in that country.

The PCP restates its solidarity with the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the Venezuelan people and their firm and persistent action in defence of their rights, independence and sovereignty, expressing confidence in their ability to find solutions to overcome the demanding challenges they face and to continue the path of the achievements and advances achieved with the Bolivarian liberation process.

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