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Solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela

Solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela and with the struggle of the Venezuelan workers and people to uphold their rights and sovereignty in view of the destabilizing and putschist campaign orchestrated by US imperialism in collusion with the internal big bourgeoisie and reaction, aimed at destroying the advances and the democratic, progressive and sovereign achievements of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Joining the International Day of Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution, called for July 14, the PCP denounces the escalation of external interference and the threat of imposition of new sanctions and measures of a real economic war, especially by the United States, against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, calling for the strongest condemnation and rejection of such practices, which violate the basic principles of International Law and which undermine the inalienable right of the Venezuelan people to decide sovereignly on their future.

Stressing the need to expose the real interests and objectives behind the escalation of terrorist violence in Venezuela and the intense campaign of misinformation and mystification that goes together - which serve the strategic agenda of imperialism in Latin America and the Caribbean - the PCP warns of attempts to boost the putschist plot, including the fictitious creation of parallel institutions, seeking to create conditions conducive to an external intervention in Venezuela.

The PCP stresses that any likely success of the putschist plan under way would have grave consequences for the Venezuelan workers and the people - as well as for the Portuguese emigrants in Venezuela - and would mean the materialization of the intentions of imperialism and transnationals to restore the path for the looting of Venezuela's important natural resources.

The holding of a so-called “plebiscite”, announced for July 16, in disregard and disrespect for the Constitution of Venezuela, constitutes a real provocative farce that intends to anticipate and target the elections for the National Constituent Assembly, a legitimate initiative and in accordance with the Constitution of Venezuela, convened for July 30. It should be emphasized that the same anti-democratic forces that in 2002 instigated and staged the failed coup to remove former President Hugo Chávez and liquidate the 1999 Bolivarian Constitution and the Venezuelan popular process, now come forward hypocritically as defenders of the constitutional order.

The Venezuelan situation has problems and economic and social difficulties that are an expression of the structural crisis of capitalism and, especially, of the implacable economic war carried out by imperialism and the oligarchy against the Bolivarian process, notably through the promotion of financial blockade, sabotage, hoarding and price speculation, aimed at hampering access to essential goods by the population.

The violent putschist attack against the Bolivarian Revolution is part of the counter-offensive launched by imperialism and the oligarchies to revert the advances and achievements of sovereign, democratic and progressive affirmation made in Latin America and the Caribbean, to prevent the consolidation of the regional cooperation areas created in the past - such as ALBA-TCP, UNASUR or CELAC - and to isolate and defeat the processes of social transformation that confront the hegemony of US imperialism in the sub-continent.

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the Venezuelan people, the Constitutional Government of President Nicolás Maduro, the PCV, the PSUV and the patriotic, progressive and revolutionary forces, expressing confidence in the resistance, unity and capacity of the organized struggle of the workers and the Venezuelan people to prevent the consummation of the violent and retrograde aims of the putschist forces, safeguard peace, sovereignty and national independence and defend and strengthen the liberating path of the Bolivarian Revolution.

The PCP calls for a widespread solidarity in defence of Bolivarian Venezuela, for peace, freedom, democracy, sovereignty, justice and social progress.


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