Statement by Ângelo Alves, Member of the Political Committee of the Central Committee, Solidarity action «End the blockade! Solidarity with Cuba»

End the blockade! Solidarity with Cuba

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The PCP is here today in Rossio [Lisbon], in solidarity with the Cuban people, to affirm the sovereign right that the Cuban people have to decide on their model of development and social progress.

We are here because we want to add the voice of the PCP to the voices of all those who express concern and condemn the manoeuvres that US imperialism and other great imperialist powers are conducting against Cuba, namely the illegal and criminal blockade that denies the right of that people to development.

And we are also here, in this gathering of solidarity, because we want to express our solidarity with the heroic people of Cuba, whose revolution has a liberating character and nature and which transformed a country that was a colony into a country that teaches the world lessons in terms of basic rights such as the right to education, healthcare, housing and food.

We are all too few to express, at this moment, our solidarity with the people of Cuba and their revolution.