Statement by PCP Members of the European Parliament

Shameful resolution against Cuba by the European Parliament

The resolution adopted in this plenary session of the European Parliament against Cuba represents a shameful manoeuvre which, by means of an unacceptable exercise of falsification and grotesque considerations, seeks to pave the way to the most shameless interference and promotion of destabilisation action against Cuba and to hinder the necessary development of relations between the European Union and Cuba, a perspective opened up with the signing of the Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement.

The political forces that promoted this resolution seek to resume the political position of the so-called 'Common Position of the European Union on Cuba' – adopted in 1996 and repealed in 2016 –, which constituted a clear affront to the principles of the United Nations Charter and international law.

The resolution deliberately conceals decades of US aggression and continued destabilisation against Cuba.

The resolution grossly omits the criminal blockade imposed by the US, which has been attacking Cuba for over 60 years and which constitutes an instrument of economic warfare, with deep damage to the economy and development of that country, and a violent and systematic attack on human rights and the living conditions of the Cuban people.

A resolution that disguises the effects of the extra-territorial character of the blockade imposed by the US, as well as its escalation by the Trump Administration, namely for several EU Member States.

The resolution also masks the US insistence – despite Biden's promises to the contrary – to keep Cuba on the illegitimate and hypocritical “list of countries sponsoring terrorism”, which is nothing more than a way of escalating the blockade against Cuba, including its extra-territorial character, and its criminal consequences.

The adoption of this resolution, less than a week before the start of the European Union (EU) – Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) Summit, is yet another blatant provocation against Cuba and the entire Latin America and Caribbean region, which can only deserve a very clear and strong denunciation and rejection.

PCP’s members in the European Parliament voted against this resolution, expressed their solidarity with Cuba, an example of dignity, resistance and determination in the face of violent US action, and demanded respect for Cuba's sovereignty and independence, for the right of the Cuban people to freely decide their destiny, to pursue the path of its socialist revolution, free from external interference.

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