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On the decision to outlaw the Communist Party of Ukraine

On the decision to outlaw the Communist Party of Ukraine

The PCP expresses its strongest condemnation of the decision by the Administrative Court of Kiev to outlaw the Communist Party of Ukraine, showing solidarity with the militants and supporters of the CPU and all democratic and anti-fascist forces of the Country who resist the criminal and disastrous course of the oligarchic power resulting from the February 2014 coup.

The unacceptable and arbitrary decision now announced is part of the vast ongoing campaign in Ukraine to ban communist ideology, a fact which confirms the anti-democratic drift currently underway in this Country.

To this effect, are equally a matter of great concern the campaign to rewrite history, to camouflage the crimes of the collaborationist forces with the Nazi occupier during World War II and the promotion of paramilitary forces of a neo-Nazi character.

The complacency and connivance of the European Union, US and NATO regarding the present power in Kiev and the fascistic drift in Ukraine constitute a fact of utmost gravity.

Calling for the solidarity of democrats in view of the flagrant violation and repression of fundamental rights and freedoms in Ukraine, the PCP expresses confidence that the just aspirations for peace and justice and the organised struggle to uphold the rights of the workers and the Ukrainian people will end up by prevailing and put a stop to the agenda of the retrograde forces who today scorn the dignity and sovereignty of Ukraine.

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