40th anniversary of the SADR - Greetings to the Polisario Front

40th anniversary of the SADR - Greetings to the Polisario Front

In a letter sent to the Polisario Front, on February 27th, PCP «saluted the Sahrawi people and the Polisario Front, its legitimate representative, for the 40th anniversary of the proclamation of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SARD)».​

​PCP underlines that «when in 1976 the Sahrawi National Council proclaimed the SADR - having adopted the Polisario Front's flag as its own - a historic step was taken in the struggle of the Sahrawi people against colonialism, aimed at achieving their inalienable right ​to an independent and sovereign State - legitimate aspiration that was denied by the occupation of their territory by the Kingdom of Morocco».

In the letter, PCP reaffirmed its «solidarity with the persistent and heroic struggle of the Sahrawi people, who faces the brutal violation of their rights, conscious of the fairness of their cause of emancipation, inseparable from their aspirations for progress and social justice».

In the letter sent to the Polisario Front, PCP also condemned «the occupation, repression and pillage of the resources of Western Sahara by the Kingdom of Morocco, which denies the Sahrawi people their inalienable right to self-determination, disrespects the principles of the United Nations Charter and International Law, aiming to perpetuate its colonial dominion.»

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