Political Committee of the Central Committee

Approved by majority with one abstension

Ângelo Alves

Intellectual. 49 years

Armindo Miranda

Employee. 67 years

Belmiro Magalhães

Degree in History. 38 years

Carina Castro

Degree in Visual Arts. 37 years

Fernanda Mateus

Textile worker. 61 years

Francisco Lopes

Factory Worker. 65 years

Gonçalo Oliveira

Clerk. 41 years

Jaime Toga

Intellectual. 42 years

Jerónimo de Sousa

Metallurgical worker. 73 years

João Dias Coelho

Employee. 65 years

João Ferreira

Biologist. 42 years

João Frazão

Intellectual. 49 years

João Oliveira

Lawyer. 41 years

Jorge Cordeiro

Employee. 67 years

Jorge Pires

Chemical worker. 67 years

José Capucho

Employee. 62 years

Manuel Rodrigues

Teacher. 67 years

Octávio Augusto

Factory Worker. 59 years

Patrícia Machado

Socio-Educational Animator. 42 Years

Paulo Raimundo

Factory worker. 44 years

Ricardo Costa

Factory Worker. 41 years

Rui Fernandes

Employee. 60 years

Vasco Cardoso

Degree in Management. 43 years

Vladimiro Vale

Technical Engineer of Animal Production. 47 years

  • XXI Congresso
XXI Congresso