Speech by Pedro Guerreiro, member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee, XXI Congress of the PCP

The international relations of the PCP. PCP and the communist and international revolutionary movement

The international relations of the PCP. PCP and the communist and international revolutionary movement


We are holding our 21th Congress under extraordinary circumstances which do not make it possible to have the presence of international guests, representatives of communist parties and other revolutionary and progressive forces, with which we have ties of friendship and struggle. This does not mean, however, that internationalist solidarity is not present and alive in our Congress.

So, please understand that I begin this speech by saluting the communists and all those who, all over the world, fight with confidence and courage in defence of workers’ rights and aspirations, of their peoples’ interests and sovereignty. To all we reassert the firm and fraternal solidarity of the Portuguese communists.


There being very diverse situations from country to country, the workers and peoples resist and struggle facing, all over the world, imperialism’s violent exploitative and aggressive offensive, which shows a capitalism under a deep crisis, immersed in contradictions and unable to answer Mankind’s problems and aspirations.

Struggles that are developed under differentiated conditions, adopting multiple forms and targeting different immediate goals, sometimes demanding great sacrifices, but contributing to create the conditions that will allow progressive and revolutionary advances to take place. Struggles that are even more significant and important when the ongoing international conjuncture is still at the point of resistance and gathering of forces by the progressive and revolutionary forces.

The PCP considers of utmost importance the strengthening of the international communist and revolutionary movement – the highest expression of proletarian internationalism - as well as the existence of a broad anti-imperialist front – in which communists and other forces of peace and social progress converge -spaces that, having differentiated natures, are naturally interlinked.

As in other very demanding and complex periods in contemporary History, the communists are called to assume a fundamental and indispensable role, both in defending the legacy of the historical process of struggles for social and national emancipation, and in achieving new advances, opening paths for social transformations, building new societies free of all forms of exploitation and oppression.

Aware of the potentialities to develop the struggle, big capital and their heralds launch an anticommunist campaign, which aims to target those who do not turn their backs to the fight, and by attacking the communists, also attack freedom and democracy.

Reality shows the need for communist parties, the need for their influence to grow deep rooted in the working class and, more broadly, in all workers and people, and deeply rooted in the specific national realities. Parties with their class independence, their revolutionary project, internationalist solidarity, their communist identity. Parties prepared to firmly defend, even under the most demanding conditions, workers’ and peoples’ interests.

A goal that demands confidence and persistence, building a party, boosting mass struggle, building social alliances and their political expression, combining the struggle for specific and immediate purposes with the struggle for broader and more strategic purposes.

If the required strengthening of the international communist and revolutionary movement arises from advances achieved in each country by the forces that belong to it, unity, cooperation and mutual solidarity among communist parties currently assume a greater importance.

Valuing important actions and areas of cooperation, that have existed, of bilateral and multilateral scope - like the International Meeting of Communist and Workers’ Parties – the PCP considers that the factors that lead to misunderstandings and distancing among communist parties should be overcome.

At the European level, the situation is particularly complex, taking into account the existence of divergent dynamics that have contributed to create distancing among communist parties. A worrisome and negative situation that has to be overcome.

A need that that calls for greater mutual knowledge and understanding, fraternal discussion regarding normal differences of opinion and commonly shared issues, and appreciation of what unites, contributing for more cooperation and unity in action.

An action that has naturally to be developed on the basis of common will and respecting the acquired principles of relationship among communist parties – such as equal rights, respect for the differences, decision-making autonomy, non-interference on internal matters, mutual openness and reciprocal solidarity.

Likewise, by participating in multiple initiatives and multilateral anti-imperialistic forums, the PCP underlines the importance of deepening solidarity, approximation and cooperation between communist parties and other revolutionary forces – with their own goals and without diluting their identity – and other anti-imperialist forces, contributing to unity in action on immediate goals of struggle in defence of sovereignty and peoples’ rights, and contributing to contain and force back imperialism’s intents.

Solidarity and cooperation do not mean, do not demand, nor are conditioned by an absolute identification among the forces that lead the resistance and the struggle, but rather bring to the forefront the defence of principles and objectives which contribute and are necessary conditions to reach advances in the fight for social and national emancipation.

At the European level, the PCP promoted, together with other parties, the process for the common Appeal for elections to the European Parliament. A process that, among other goals, tries to contribute to give continuity to the European United Left/ Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL) Confederal Group in the European Parliament, as a forum of cooperation among very diverse political forces, which is important to safeguard, countering attempts that aim to subvert its identity, functioning principles, and confederal practices.

Confident about the path to follow, the PCP will continue to guide its actions towards approximation among communist parties, and between these and other progressive forces, placing to the foreground workers’ problems and aspirations, and the struggle against the neoliberal, federalist and militarist European Union, for an Europe of cooperation, social progress and peace.


Facing the challenges and the demands that the current situation holds, the PCP, deeply rooted in the Portuguese workers and people, connected to the Portuguese reality, with its ideology and class independence, with its autonomy, own analysis and experience, will be always faithful to its patriotic and internationalist principles, confident and determined in the advance of the march of History, and in the workers’ and peoples’ emancipation.

Long live working class internationalism!
Long live internationalist solidarity!
Long live the Portuguese Communist Party!

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