Speech by Jerónimo de Sousa, Secretário-Geral

«A Set of results of undeniable value, importance and significance»

«A Set of results of undeniable value, importance and significance»

1. CDU salutes the thousands of PCP, PEV, ID, CDU Youth and independent candidates, activists and militants who with their dedication and intervention contributed to build this important election victory.

A victory of confidence and hope over disillusion and conformism, testifying that the workers and the people have in their hands, and also with their vote, the possibility, with CDU’s support, to bring together the necessary wills and energies for a committed and confident intervention struggle for a fairer, developed and sovereign country. A result that brings more strength and confidence to the struggle for an alternative policy to defeat the course of disaster imposed by a right-wing policy and which will open the prospects for an alternative, patriotic and left-wing policy.

CDU salutes all those who gave it their support and vote reaffirming the firm commitment that they will now find in the action of the thousands of those elected by the Coalition, a presence of work and dedication to build a better life and for the progress and development of their parishes and municipalities. And particularly emphasizes that the support and confidence now deposited in CDU will be present to give voice and expression, in all places and at all moments, to the struggle for the defence of the rights, employment, social benefits and a decent life.

2. The expressive number of votes received, together with a significant increase in the election percentage, increase in the number of council members, the confirmation in general of the majority positions and the gain of new majorities, as are the cases of Évora, Beja, Grândola, Alcácer do Sal, Alandroal, Cuba, Vila Viçosa, Monforte, Silves, with the possibility of winning in more municipalities, namely Loures.

These gains represent a solid progress by CDU as witnessed by the broad current of support and trust by a growing number of Portuguese men and women.

3. CDU stresses the undeniable value, importance and significance of all the results obtained today. Results which are an expression of the recognition of CDU’s intervention in local government, its road of work, honesty and competence, of dedication to popular interest and the public cause.

But the important electoral progress and advance, and the expressive gains in voting and the positions obtained also show the recognition of the coherent and determined intervention of the forces that make up CDU – PCP, PEV, Democratic Intervention – in defending the interests of the workers and populations and in the resistance and combat against the right-wing policy.
The votes obtained by CDU represent a factor of trust and hope that another path and course are possible, a stimulus to the struggle and the prospects and materialization it can bring for an alternative policy, and a testimony that, as we have stated, it is in hands of the workers and people with their action, options and vote to defeat the parties of the right-wing policy and give more strength to CDU and for the materialization of a patriotic and left-wing policy.

4. CDU reaffirms its conviction that each position now won, each of the more than three thousand mandates now gained by CDU, will constitute a factor of more work, intervention and full commitment in the defence of the interests of the populations, in promoting the local living conditions and in the struggle for a fairer and developed Portugal.

An intervention which will continue tomorrow in the daily struggle – where the big action of a national struggle stands out, the “March for April, against exploitation and impoverishment” called by CGTP for this coming October 19.An intervention to further proposals to ensure an improvement of wages and pensions, respect for the rights of those who work, the strengthening of social benefits, the defence and valorisation of public services, a focus on national production and in the creations of jobs.

CDU’s advance is an important stimulus in the active and confident intervention to strengthen the positions in the European Parliamentary elections on May 25 of next year, in defence of the interests of the workers, of the people and of the country, of the national sovereignty and independence.

5. Regardless of the local nature, factors and dynamics of these elections, the significant loss of votes by PSD and CDS is inseparable from the clear condemnation by the Portuguese workers and people of the policy of ruin and impoverishment that are dragging the country and the life of the Portuguese.

The manoeuvres that are already being tested to ignore a national reading of these elections do not hide that these results show a significant expression in national terms of the growing political and social isolation of the parties in Government, and only strengthen the need, possibility and urgency for its dismissal.Alpha

6. The results obtained by CDU, and specially the current of support for its proposals and intervention, the significant participation of the youth and independents that make this coalition a space of convergence, are a solid factor of confidence in the future political battles that we will continue to wage for a better life, for the indispensable dismissal of the Government, for the rejection of the Pact of Aggression and for the defeat of the right-wing policy, for a patriotic and left-wing policy, that will affirm the values of [the] April [Revolution] in the future of Portugal.

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