Statement by Paulo Raimundo, General Secretary of the PCP, Act of solidarity «Together for Cuba»

«The solidarity that we can express to the Cuban people and their revolution will always be little»

I'm sure we will hear the President of Cuba here, in this act of solidarity with the Cuban people, with their revolution, with their right to sovereignty, with their example, which is an act of solidarity. I would say that the solidarity we show to the Cuban people, to the revolution, will always be a small solidarity.

In view of the solidarity that the Cuban people and the Cuban State hand to the peoples of the whole world. We have the solidarity of this people, for the example they give, of resistance, determination, struggle for their sovereignty against a criminal blockade by the United States. And we have this concrete example of active solidarity in various parts of the world, namely from the medical brigades that we find all over the world.

And it is in these moments that we cannot forget this image: when Italy was at the peak of the epidemic and when no one else came forward, it was from Havana that flew a plane with doctors, with nurses, with supporting staff to help in the tragedy that was the epidemic all over the world and particularly in Italy.

Therefore, it is an act of solidarity with the people, with the Cuban revolution. And there we have it, support for this deep resistance against a criminal blockade that continues to be imposed.

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