Release from the PCP Press Office

On the result of the first round of the presidential elections in Brazil

Contrary to the brutal campaign of manipulation of public opinion that in recent days pointed to Bolsonaro’s victory, he has been forced to contest a second round on October 28 with Fernando Haddad, who came out second with 29.3%.

The ambitions of the putschist reaction forces that deposed the legitimate President of Brazil and imprisoned Lula da Silva to prevent his candidacy and even went so far as to prevent him from voting, have for the time being failed. But the result achieved by the extreme right-wing candidate was only possible because of the serious social problems affecting the great mass of the Brazilian working people and the deep crisis of democratic institutions in which the politicisation of justice and corruption play a particularly important role, and also because of the colossal operation of manipulation promoted by the main mass media and by the use of social networks. The result constitutes a danger that cannot be underestimated and demands the unity of all the Brazilian democratic forces and the popular mobilisation around objectives that decisively meet their aspirations.

The possibility of barring the path to fascism is real. Today, as always, the PCP will be alongside the communists and the democratic and progressive forces of Brazil in their struggle to defeat fascism and resume and deepen the path of progress and sovereignty begun in 2002 with Lula da Silva's first presidential victory.

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