Release from the PCP Press Office

On the recent developments in Afghanistan

The recent developments in Afghanistan, including the entry of the Taliban in Kabul, regardless of their future evolution, constitute a clear and humiliating defeat for the US, NATO and all those who participated and colluded in their strategy of war and occupation, including successive Portuguese governments – war and occupation that the PCP opportunely denounced and condemned.

It is worth remembering that more than 40 years of interference and aggression by the US and its allies in Afghanistan, 20 years of which were of invasion and occupation, are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths, destruction, millions of displaced people and refugees, for the establishment of a regime without legitimacy and undermined by corruption, the transformation of Afghanistan into the world's largest centre of opium production – aspects that are inseparable from the swift outcome of recent days.

Given the false and cynical concerns about the respect of rights, we should recall that it was the US and its allies that promoted and supported the most backward and obscurantist forces and their violent action against the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, established with the People's Revolution of April 28, 1978, and the Afghan progressive forces.

We should recall the role of the US and its allies in creating, promoting and supporting groups that are known for their terrorist action, including in Afghanistan, and the cynical invocation of the so-called “war against terrorism” to justify and carry out their strategy of domination.

Given the new risks and dangers facing Afghanistan, the rights of its people, as well as the Central Asian region, the PCP draws attention to the fact that it is up to the Afghan people – like every people – to solve their problems without external interference and choose their own path of development, helping stop Afghanistan from being used to promote instability in the region.

The recent developments in Afghanistan reinforce the demand for an end to the interference and aggression carried out by the US, with the support and complicity of its allies, namely NATO, against Syria, Iraq or Yemen, but also its policy of confrontation in international relations, including the end of the illegal and criminal policy of economic sanctions and blockades against countries and peoples.

The recent developments in Afghanistan also reinforce the demand that Portuguese foreign policy stop being subordinated to the warmongering policy of the US, NATO and the EU, and be guided by respect for the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, the United Nations Charter and International Law.

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