Excerpts from statement by Alexandre Araújo, Member of the Secretariat of the Central Committee of the PCP

Presentation of the 40th. «Avante!» Festival

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This is the 40th. Avante ! Festival, which takes place on September 2,3 and 4 at Atalaia, Amora, Seixal, 40 years after having started on this path, in 1976 at FIL, this path of a unique Festival, open to all, where music, art and culture are constantly present, a Festival of work and militancy made possible after the conquest of Democracy and Freedom.

This year the Festival is indelibly marked by the addition to its space of the Quinta do Cabo, acquired with the aim to overcome confinements, to extend and valorise the Festival.

An acquisition backed on a National Campaign of Funds which achieved its targets, a result of the contribution of many members of the Party and of JCP, of other democrats and friends of the Party and of the Festival, with the same militant spirit with which year after year is raised this magnificent event and benefiting from the respect, pride and affection that the Avante! Festival has built over 40 years.
Let us hold a bigger Festival, while preserving its identity, the Avante! Festival, a great popular festival, a festival of the people, the workers and the Portuguese youth, a Festival that is a place of freedom, fraternization, and joy, a place of valorisation of culture and arts, solidarity and comradeship, a Festival open to all through the hand of the Portuguese Communist Party.

A bigger Festival with the aim of offering better conditions to all those who visit and participate in it, in the magnificent area of Quinta da Atalaia, where you will find more space, more shades, more seating areas, a renewed camping place for visitors of the Festival, a real festival of regional cuisine with dishes and products from all over the country.


The Avante! Festival offers a broad and vast programme that covers many areas from music, theatre, cinema, science, to the appreciation of books and reading, from fine arts to sports and gives everyone matters of interest during the three days of the festival.


Politically, the Rally of the Festival will be the highlight, on Sunday, with the speech by the General Secretary of the Party, who will also speak at the opening of the Festival on Friday at 19:00, a ceremony which will be held in a new location, at Quinta do Cabo, near the Central Space, marking the opening of the 40th. Avante! Festival and also the opening of the space of the Quinta do Cabo.

The Central Space, the political heart of the Festival, will host the main political exhibitions of the Festival, this year dedicated to Labour Precariousness, a scourge that affects hundreds of thousands of workers, particularly the new generations, following the campaign carried out by the Party "More rights, more future - no to precariousness "; to the political situation, which focused on the current situation, will assert the struggle of the workers and the people as essential to defend, restore and conquer rights, and to enhance the indispensable and irreplaceable role of the PCP to help solve national problems, will assert the proposal of a patriotic and left-wing policy and the importance of the PCP and its strengthening, at all levels, in the year that will hold its XX Congress; to 40 Avante! Festivals, valorising their key aspects and characteristics, highlighting some of the key moments and projecting into the future the importance of this great event; and also an exhibition dedicated to the Iberian Mask, extolling this element of popular identity and culture.

In the Central Space you will also find the main areas of debate, holding some of the more than 30 debates on various issues of current national and international political developments that will take place in the Festival. Topics such as the defence of national sovereignty and the refusal of submission to the European Union; the struggle for the defence, restoration and conquest of rights; the fight against precariousness; the reduction of working hours and the fight for a 35-hour week, evoking the Chicago events that led to May Day; the importance of public control of the banks; the defence of national production; the valorisation of CDU and its role in local government; the Constitution of the Republic in its 40 years; PCP and the importance of its reinforcement and the valorisation of its programme of Advanced Democracy - The April values in the future of Portugal, among others.
The Avante! Festival, for what it is, for what it represents and means, for its programme, for the fraternal environment it provides, for its 40th. edition, for its valorisation, for its spreading to Quinta do Cabo is, this year, an event you cannot afford to miss.