Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns the warmongering plans of the NATO Summit

The NATO Summit that is taking place in Brussels today represents a new step in the dangerous strategy that aims to reinforce this political-military bloc as an instrument of interference and aggression at the world level, for the imposition of the hegemonic domination of the USA and other imperialist powers over the peoples of the world.

Far from being a factor of stability and security, NATO has been responsible for decades of wars and aggressions – from Yugoslavia to Libya – in systematic violation of the UN Charter and International Law, which NATO intends to dismantle and replace, in an increasingly explicit way, by a so-called era based on rules defined unilaterally by the US and other capitalist powers, namely within the framework of G7.

At the current Summit, the Strategic Concept and the so-called 'NATO 2030 Agenda ' will be under discussion, particularly focused on the objective of confrontation with China and Russia. The serious risks of such a strategy are obvious and is being fed by the most warmongering and reactionary sectors of the imperialist powers, incapable of accepting the new economic and political realities at the global level.

NATO, which had Salazar's fascist dictatorship among its founding members, has a long history of supporting fascism and coups d’état, which is now patent in Ukraine where, with NATO support, assumed heirs and admirers of Nazi-fascism’s crimes play a pivotal role in the power structure following the 2014 coup.

In statements made on the eve of the Summit, the Secretary General of NATO is proud that its member countries have "added another 260 billion dollars to their defence budgets since 2014", and this when the military expenses of NATO countries already exceed those of all other countries in the world combined.

In a time of deep economic, social and public health crisis, NATO is a drain of gigantic resources, which are not only taken away from the resolution of the serious problems that peoples face, but are also diverted to serve militarism, the production of new and more modern weapons – including nuclear – and war.

For the workers and peoples, consistently confronted with the argument that 'there is no money' to deal with serious social problems, it is clear that for the military-industrial complex, and for monopoly capital in general, there are always public resources available. It is imperative to say no to war and to those who promote it and profit from it.

The Portuguese Government assumes a serious responsibility by joining the dangerous project of strengthening NATO, an objective and policy that is in violation of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, which enshrines peace, disarmament and the dissolution of all political-military blocs.

The PCP calls for the strengthening of the struggle for peace and against NATO, starting with the participation in the actions that are taking place today in Lisbon and Porto.