Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns the Portuguese government's new affront against the sovereignty of Venezuela

PCP strongly condemns the Portuguese Government's undignified support, announced yesterday by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, for the Trump Administration's cynical encroachment and destabilizing operation against the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. This operation, called «Democratic Transition Framework for Venezuela», is a new and tragic act of aggression against Venezuelan people's rights and sovereignty.

As with the immediate recognition of the puppet Juan Guaidó, this stance by the Socialist Party [PS] Government is all the more serious since the government choses to be on the forefront of this new aggressive escalation of US imperialism, which faced with the frustration of successive upsets is now trying to use the situation created by the COVID-19 outbreak to try to break the Venezuelan people's patriotic resistance and impose its domination.

What the Government should do, in the name of solidarity and human rights, is advocate for the immediate end to the US and EU's illegal and unilateral sanctions against Venezuela and against other countries, rather than siding with the cynical and ruthless tactics of sanctions, economic and financial blockade that so afflict the people of Venezuela, and which the US refuses to lift.

PCP condemns with particular vehemence this new act of intervention in the internal affairs of a sovereign country, and reiterates that the Portuguese Government respect the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic and not associate Portugal with imperialism's aggressive plans, in an open clash with international law.

PCP reiterates its solidarity with the workers and people of Venezuela, as well as with the Portuguese community living in this country, whose legitimate interests the Portuguese government abandons with its submission to US imperialism's subversive agenda.

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