Release from the PCP Press Office

PCP condemns new act of military aggression against Venezuela

The PCP denounces and condemns the act of military aggression against Venezuela that took place on May 3, with the unsuccessful attempt to land armed mercenaries on the coast of that country, near the capital Caracas, and stresses that this new terrorist provocation represents a serious attack on the sovereignty of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela and the rights of the Venezuelan people.

According to officially released information, the criminal action received operational support from the Colombian Government, as part of the escalation of a 'hybrid war' and military intimidation carried out by US imperialism, a more recent example of which – together with the worsening economic war and the imposition of coercive and unilateral sanctions that are completely in breach of international law – is the huge concentration of US Navy means in the Caribbean Sea, in what constitutes a serious threat of direct military intervention against the Venezuelan people.

Once again it proves that the US Administration, headed by Trump, supported by its regional hirelings and counting on the shameful complicity of NATO and the EU, not only persists in carrying out a sinister agenda of interference and aggression against a sovereign country, but uses the situation of world pandemic and the framework of serious economic recession which exists in the USA, to shamelessly intensify dangerous manoeuvres of destabilization and putschist actions, aiming to impose at all costs a puppet government and to take back again Venezuela’s vast natural resources.

The PCP reiterates the demand for an immediate end to interference, sanctions and economic blockades and military threats against Venezuela, calling for the strengthening of solidarity in defence of Bolivarian Venezuela and the right of the Venezuelan people to determine their destiny freely and in peace.

In defence of the interests of the Portuguese people, particularly of the Portuguese-Venezuelan community living in this South American country, and in compliance with the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic, it is demanded that the Portuguese Government clearly and firmly denounce and condemn this new act of military aggression against the Venezuela and the Venezuelan people.

The Portuguese Government must distance itself from the policy of interference and aggression, which violates the most elementary rules of international law, carried out by the US Trump Administration against Venezuela.

The PCP reaffirms its solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution and the struggle of the Venezuelan people in defence of peace, sovereignty and the national independence of Venezuela, to build a future of development, justice and social progress.

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