PCP condemns Israeli attacks against Syria

PCP condemns Israeli attacks against Syria

Portuguese Communist Party Press Office Release

PCP vehemently condemns the Israeli air force attacks that occurred yesterday against Syria, along the Syrian-Lebanon border and in the
outskirts of the capital of the country, Damascus.

By violating the air space and territorial integrity of Syria, Israel – which illegally occupies the Golan Heights since the six day war of 1967 –
is clearly violating international law, engaging in an illegal and illegitimate act of aggression against a sovereign country, an act which cannot pass with impunity and should be readily condemned by international governments and institutions. A condemnation the Portuguese Government is forced to issue, in light of the Constitution of the Portuguese Republic.

Inseparable and revelatory of the real plans of the main imperialist powers of NATO and the monarchical dictatorships of the Persian Gulf of
destabilization, foreign intrusion and aggression against Syria, this provocation entails, if not immediately stopped and fully condemned,
enormous dangers for peace and the peoples of the region.

More than ever the struggle for peace and against the aggressions and intrusions of imperialism and zionism in the Middle East assume great

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