Statement by Jerónimo de Sousa, General Secretary of PCP

National Demonstration by the CGTP-IN on July 7

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A solidary presence to bring a greeting to these men and women and youth who are here to uphold their interests and rights, for the valorisation of their wages, for the respect of public services, namely the NHS and the public school, in a very difficult context in which the workers are witnessing a significant increase in the cost of living. We are deeply concerned because the PS Government and the Prime Minister during the Budget presentation said that inflation would be merely conjunctural. And yesterday in the debate held there in the Assembly, he recognised that inflation was here to stay. This is bad news for those who live on their wages and their pensions. And naturally this feeling of injustice and outrage was expressed here clearly, on a weekday, in this great demonstration, in a demonstration that proves the PCP right. Considering what was discussed in the previous Budget, the truth is that there is a clear worsening of wages and social aspects, where the Government, today with an absolute majority, continues to prevent progressing towards a solution. This is the contradiction. The PS asked the Portuguese people for an absolute majority and naturally the Portuguese people have the right to ask: what is this absolute majority for?