Release from the PCP Press Office

Jerónimo Sousa greets the elected Presidents of the Republic of Cuba and of the Republic of Cyprus

In his message of greetings to Raul Castro -- which was also addressed to the «brave Cuban people (...) whom have once again demonstrated their dignity, sovereignty, maturity and conviction in the ideals of progress, justice and Socialism» - the General Secretary of the PCP expressed to the new President of Cuba the Portuguese Communists' confidence «in the future of that fascinating achievement of the collective endeavour of the Cuban people - their Socialist revolution - which continues to inspire and serve as an example to all those who, throughout the world, fight for peace, progress, democracy and socialism».

Confirming the Portuguese Communists' «profound friendship and solidarity» Jerónimo de Sousa reaffirmed to Raul Castro the «unshakeable determination of the Portuguese Communists to promote the most profound bonds of friendship and cooperation between our two Parties, peoples and countries».

In greeting Dimitris Christofias for his election - an election which Jerónimo de Sousa considered «an important and significant victory for the Cypriot people» - Jerónimo de Sousa interpreted the results of the Cypriot elections as a «recognition of AKEL's historical role in the struggle of the workers and people of Cyprus for sovereignty, social progress and Socialism».

Highlighting the expression of confidence that has been given to the Cypriot Communists with this election and refering to it as «a moment of natural joy» (...) «for the Communists and the forces of progress in Europe and in the world», Jeronimo de Sousa confirmed «the Portuguese Communists' solidarity with the struggle of the Cypriot people for the reunification of their country and our determination to strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between our two Parties and between the peoples of Cyprus and of Portugal».

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