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End US blockade - Solidarity with Cuba

The Portuguese Communist Party expresses its solidarity with Cuba, the Government and Cuban people who, facing a demanding and complex situation inseparable from the heightening of imperialism's interference and aggression, is committed in a determined way to combating the epidemic, in defence of their sovereignty and independence and their legitimate rights, including to development.

The PCP values the efforts and progress made by Cuba in combating the epidemic in its country and in the solidarity it has provided and provides to other countries and peoples in the field of public health, including to face the pandemic.

The PCP strongly condemns the policy of the current US Administration, which not only insists on the continuation of the criminal extraterritorial economic, financial and commercial blockade imposed for over 60 years by the US against Cuba and the Cuban people, but also maintains the measures of cruel escalation of this blockade implemented by the Trump Administration, particularly during the period of the pandemic, aimed at preventing access to essential goods, such as medicines and food, as well as the economic development of this Caribbean country.

The PCP denounces the hypocrisy of those who, expressing a false concern for the Cuban people, deliberately conceal the US policy of interference and aggression – including the existence of the blockade and its effects – that violently threatens Cuba's sovereignty and independence and the rights of its people.

Denouncing and repudiating the actions of destabilisation and provocation that the US promotes, cynically instrumentalising the harmful consequences of the blockade for which they are responsible, the PCP highlights the example of courage and dignity of Cuba and of the Cuban people and calls for solidarity with the Cuban Revolution and the demand for an end to the US blockade against Cuba, as reiterated by the United Nations General Assembly last June.

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